Hobo dish my way

I was trying to entertain myself while I was starting to get better and found myself looking for recipes to make. One of the things I was looking for were Irish dishes for St. Patrick’s Day. I found way too many recipes for corned beef and cabbage. I’m so very certain that is not ALL the Irish ate. So, the search will continue for the next year. But, I did find a recipe for irish stew that is already vegetarian. So, I may make that if I feel up for it. More likely, I’ll just take some of my variant on bangers and mash in to work to go with the cabbage and potatoes that I can eat from the Jiggs meal that they are bringing in for us. Someone else can eat my corned beef. I’ve never really been much of a fan of it even when I was eating meat. But cabbage, a partial head steamed or fried with butter sounds quite nice. I also finally found a recipe for mushy peas. Tofish and chips, I have found your side dish.

As I kept down the rabbit hole of recipes, I stumbled on some other international recipes. Or they were labelled international recipes. I suppose they could have originated from there, but the one dish made me a little curious. But, I adapted it a bit for my tastes and what I had. I don’t think it ended up being the same recipe. And it sent me back to some old memories. The girls’ dad introduced me to a restaurant that he liked to go to for pancakes and hobo potatoes. For the longest time, unless they were mashed or french fries, I hated potatoes. A baked potato could cause a battle on how long I could sit there for dinner. And potatoes for breakfast, no thank you. But, he would order them when we went out. I still had a very sweet tooth order, so I would get a lot of chocolate chip or sweet types of pancakes. One time, I was still hungry (pregnant with the middle one) and so he told me that he was full but still had some of the hobo potatoes left. It was fried potatoes with onions and green peppers and covered in cheese. I ate it and found they weren’t that bad. So, future times going there, I added that to my order. The restaurant is still there, but since being back out here, I haven’t gone. It was funny that one of the guys I worked with told me he knew of this little hidden gem of a place for pancakes and that I should go there one day. It ended up being the same restaurant.

This is my version of the memory of that plate and a spin off of the other recipe. I should let you know that I really do hate to cut onions, so learned a trick from my previous job. Buy frozen precut onions or onion blend. The same can go for green peppers. I’m still working through a bag of mirepoix blend mix and so I can’t do an exact break down of how much, but it has a blend of celery, onion, and green peppers. This was the Kroger blend, so yours may have more of one ingredient than another. Mine seems to have more of the onion than the rest.

Hobo potatoes

Serves 1

1 peeled sweet potato, halved vertically and cut into thin slices

1/4 C Mirepoix blend frozen vegetables

2 Tbs garlic spread

1 vegetarian italian sausage, sliced

2 Tbs dairy free shredded cheese (I’m still working through my Love your Veggies cheese but any that will melt will do)


In an 8 inch skillet, melt the garlic spread over medium heat. Add the frozen veggies. Once they are defrosted in the pan, add the sweet potatoes. Cook for a couple of minutes. Add the sausage. Continue cooking, while occasionally flipping and stirring the dish, until sweet potatoes are softened and a light sear is on at least one side of all ingredients. Add cheese. Let melt slightly. Take off heat and plate. Enjoy.


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