Happy Holidays

I am going to try to post here when I can. I have a new job that has me working nights, so I am sleeping most days. It has snow here on the ground. At night, when the weather is just right, it freezes the snow just enough that stepping on it causes you to break a slight ice crust that brings a loud crunch with each step. It was interesting to do that last night as I was going home. I’m lucky certain people have not discovered this blog only because that last sentence would have them panicking. They do not understand why I LIKE walking outdoors in all weather. It has so much to offer. I need to get up a couple hours earlier in the day, though, to keep my vitamin D levels up. I can feel them dropping a bit. I am supplementing, right now, with a multivitamin, but I process it much better with actual sunlight. Either that, or I need more to begin with.

I’m currently in another area and I get such better internet speeds. In fact, even with my roommates on it, I can listen to radio online with no problem. My favorite to do is use TuneIn Radio where I can listen to a few stations. They all are from different countries, but it’s nice to have such a selection. I need to get my news sites back on this computer. I hadn’t realised how much I missed having them until now that I have a good connection to use them on. Does anyone have a favorite news source to get your information from?

As I mentioned, I have roommates right now. It’s a new experience for me. Previously, all I lived with were people who had some claim to connect with me. I’m stumbling through this new experience. We don’t see each other as much as most would think for two reasons. First, all three of us seem to mainly hang out in our rooms when we are home. Getting food or going to or from work is the main exception. Mainly I know they are their because I hear their television or computer being on. The second reason is the bigger reason. They both work during the day, when I’m sleeping. This helps in that there is less noise, which many who work nights complain about. I may later write a post about ways to help sleep during the day if you work overnight. It can also help those in areas where it is too bright even at night for them to sleep.

The three of us have different types of cooking. My one roommate is mainly a microwave dinner person. If he has to, he cooks on the stove. My other one is a mainly stovetop cook. We had a time where we had no oven, but now we do again! I’m learning to do more lazy cooking, which means I’m learning to cook meals for me in the microwave. So, tonight was the fanciest yet. I made a quiche in a mug. What I did was whisk two eggs in a latte mug and then added a ripped up slice of bread, two mushrooms, some frozen broccoli and cauliflower, and cheese. It ended up needing to be cooked two minutes in the microwave, but it was nice tasting. Otherwise, I’m making quinoa or pasta in the microwave. I may mix up a bunch of pumpkin sauce and freeze it in containers for pasta dinners. I might even get some veggies in a couple weeks, roast them up, and freeze them to put in instead of the bagged frozen veggies. Those I can add lots of different spices to ahead of time and make such different flavors. It’s the little things that I enjoy. Too bad I have such a tiny freezer. And I do need to get back into making frozen dinners for work lunches. It’s bad enough I’m addicted to those muffin cups to make. But, never fear, I am going to sit down this week (or next week) and make a bunch of packets so that I can have them every morning with a selection for me. I see a bunch of pumpkin and chocolate chip being made and eaten right now. What vitamin is big in pumpkin again?

Well, I’m off to enjoy some peppermint mocha with hot chocolate now. Hope your holidays go well.