Lazy as ever

So, I’m determined there is something on this computer. And it is Internet related. It has made me give up using it, which has made me not post here. This does not mean I haven’t been doing things. This year’s garden is just a few tomato plants, a single remaining sweet pepper plant, what I think is beetle eaten spinach (or else the brussell sprouts, but I don’t think so), and a couple snapdragon plants. Mainly, I’ve been working a different shift, which makes me less able to do the things I love outside. This also means less fresh ingredients to eat and play with. Upside, I FINALLY got some heirloom tomatoes to grow! Apparently, I can only grow tomatoes in the ground. But, nevertheless, I will have tomatoes to make sandwiches, caprese salads, and soups. Which is quite useful since this week, I’m getting two immersion blenders. One will be for drinks, while the other will be for soups, dressings, and other savory treats. I’ve been wating one for a while and finally am breaking down to buy them. I probably could get away with just one, but I would rather have two for stupid reasons.

I have also still been cooking. I’ve decided that my type of cooking should be referred to, and hence forth will, as lazy and fast. The reason why the fast is because I either don’t have time or the kids are hungry NOW. So, I’ve learned to cook as short of meals as possible. I have a daily window of ten to fifteen minutes to have food prepped and on the table before the demons are hungry. In fact, even if they have been fed, if I make any fresh food, they come running and wanting some. Until I tell them it’s something weird and then they are raiding the fridge to quench their sudden need for food. So, I spend a lot of time when they are asleep doing anything that takes any longer. But, I find that I have less interest cooking for long periods mostly. But, I may have a reason to change that. No, I am not having another one. Just keep reading.

I have started subscribing to spice subscription boxes. They send recipes that use the spices that they send. I have picked up two of the boxes. Most of the recipes they send are longer than the kids are willing to wait for food. So, these get made when they aren’t around. It’s not that they wold want to eat it either, but I am so excited to get new recipes for food from other parts of the country and world. The downside is that most have meat involved and I’ve kept, mostly, to not eating meat. I’m learning alternatives and the one box does offer alternatives at times for vegetarian options on the recipes that they send. It’s working on adapting the other that has really gotten me to enjoy the boxes in general. This has made me more willing to stay at the stove and oven beyond the minimal time.

I will start posting reviews on the boxes again. Along with the rest of the subscription boxes I get. I feel comfortable just leaving and returning to this site as I can. So, there is such a blend of things I want to put here, that it will stay crazy. Hope you’re ready to enjoy the bumps and jumps that are bound to come.