Second day and some cute stuff

First off, I’m still trying this. I just got lucky after some unlucky bits. And I’m eating a snack that is FREE! First time and I LOVE it. I may need to find actual access to this stuff. Crunchy and popcorny?!? Oh yeah. But, I will listen for the end of the popping and pull then. Even when the recipe said to go longer. But, I’m in love with it tonight. Or maybe it’s just that I was able to have something beyond my budget that I could do.

So, to begin with: breakfast. I made a single egg. It didn’t scramble like I expected. Instead, because I waited a moment too long, I got a faux omelette. It got me thinking that I have some cheese shards I can use. This means I can make an actual omelet. I’m going to save it, though, for my last day. I’m considering making a mild miso soup (one of the boxes is of Japanese spices and I haven’t used it up yet) and putting the rice with it. That would be a very different breakfast.

Molly knocked her bowl more than normal. She has been sleeping more in the back room. Her favorite place has been by the exercise bike. It happens to be near Gare Bear. So, the two of them stare at each other from time to time. Not once do they growl or hiss, just stare and relax. I guess being older, they have settled into true world. But, heaven forbid someone be late in feeding him. Molly just starts begging and meowing until someone does. Now, as an explanation, we are talking only five minutes late, not hours at a time. It still is quite annoying.

So, back to lunch. I took the other half of the spaghetti noodles I made last night. I had added some corn and black beans with spices. It was pretty good. Honestly, I was still hungry after. Maybe this isn’t going so well. Or I was always eating more than I should. Most of what I am making is single servings.

But, dinner was a treat. The others were going out and I was with them. We all went to Subway. So, I got a meal that way. I know these situations will happen, so I don’t feel too badly about it. And it will happen with the people who it happened this time. So, not bad. Actually, it gives me a little more play with my foods.

Next week is the fair. I’m hoping that being closer to the grounds is the key to getting a better connection. Apparently, there will be an interesting setup for camping there. We have the electricity pole smack in the middle of the camp site supposedly this year and for future years. The joys of getting moved and not being over a ditch. We now get to maneuver around other items. I’m so glad I’m not going to be there while they are doing it. I just hope they don’t have other issues this year.

Well, bedtime. Take care. I’m done with my snack.


First day food

I need to remember tomorrow. Fry a stinking egg. I kept thinking about food and what I could eat. I’m now down to one dollar left for the week. Reason? I bought a pound of sweet potatoes. They should last me most of the week though. Plus, I can get a little variety in because I don’t eat a whole sweet potatoe in one sitting. This is luck for me.

Because I didn’t eat an egg today, I can do the rest of the week with two eggs and will have my entire dozen eaten. It was cool to get a dozen for such a low price. No, they aren’t organic. But, I can’t afford the fancier stuff for now. I’m doing a lot of experimenting with food. It should be a good and worthwhile experiment. But, I’m not quite sure this will work. I’m already questioning if I can keep in budget and not get bored.

Anyway, what did I eat? I had a 1/2 cup of rice with a 1/2 serving of corn. I made a seasoning for the rice of some Cajun spice mix and file gumbo mix. That was my first meal of the day. Of course, I had my coffee earlier and then went out for a walk. So, I could have made an egg or something for breakfast.

Then I worked. My brain kept pointing out what I could have and I said no. Well, minus a thin slice of cheese which was getting tossed. When we get a partial alive we can’t sell, if it’s too small we just toss it. So, I came home ready to cry because I was getting hungry and I couldn’t think of what I could make.

So, I looked and decided I wanted something to comfort me. I ended up making spaghetti and tomato sauce. Then, I remembered that I had a bag of salad I could eat. It was on sale for a dollar and I added that to my dinner. I ended it with a dessert of half a peach.

Along with that, I made some spaghetti with olive oil and beans and corn for lunch tomorrow. I’m thinking tomorrow night could be rice with a poached egg and a quarter peach in slices. Maybe I can bake a little of my sweet potato. Dinner made me feel a little more like this could be manageable. I’m already appreciating the subscription boxes for the spices. Otherwise, I can see myself I would fail miserably way too soon.

Food experiment

I really must be crazy. I’m going to see if I really can survive on the budget I set for myself for food when I am in my new place. So, here is what I have done. I’ve only allowed myself ten dollars for shopping for this week. I am not allowed any items I would not normally have in my pantry to use unless I put it in my budgeted $10 for the week. This is including cornmeal (because I’m not sure yet if I would keep it on hand) oats (because I only really want to make oatmeal over the winter), and pasta (because it is not a longer lasting item). I am not counting my coffee only because that was budgeted separately. With the amount of coffee my youngest and I drink, it NEEDS its own itemization.
I’m already cringing. I am not too excited over the small amount I bought. I already made a stupid mistake on what I bought. I got two cans of corn (should have grabbed green beans) with regular corn on sale for about $0.25 an ear. Plus, I was going to buy applesauce and didn’t! Well, reminds me to write down better what I wanted. Upside, I’m not at ten dollars yet.

Another fun for me is the fact that I have a bunch of spices to play with. I know some people would say I was cheating, but I’m not. I have them as part of my subscription box entry. Therefore, they will be there and are counted separately. Yes, there are subscription boxes for spices. In a couple of cases, I can still use the recipes because of how many of the ingredients I already have. There’s a really good benefit. And I’m not counting salt or pepper because I am STILL working on a $1.00 Baggie of each from five months ago. Yes, I do buy those spices very rarely. And yes, those baggies will be with me always.

So, where did I shop? I ended up going to both work and the dollar store. To be honest, the dollar store has more things OVER a dollar, but it’s called the dollar store. Luckily, I know enough with the store layouts and in enough to know what’s cheaper where that I was able to have a little extra left for the week still! Trust me, I need a couple more veggies so saving some for later will be a good thing.

I ended up buying canned beans instead of dried. This is because I still fail at dried beans. I have not been able to cook them outside of a crockpot bean soup successfully. I have tried numerous ways and still fail. So, I spent money on the cans. But, I have a couple recipes that call for the bean water, so it’s not all a loss. I am planning on making one as a dessert this week for when I get hungry for sweets. I know I will, so this will save my skin.

Many thing else you want to know?

A simple, possibly cheap meal

So I am gardening. Like I said before, most of it is a failure. But, my tomatoes are so happy. I have so many. I have frozen a few. Those will make for good winter meals with pasta and sauce. Or, I can make them a tomato soup with them. This year, I’m learning new things to do over giving them to others and feeling overwhelmed by them. My next batch of big tomatoes are going to be frozen without the skins. I’m also throwing them in other, different things. I’m almost ready to try some skin care products. Hey, I said I had a glut of them.
But, one recipe I’ve started making is a quite simple one. If you have a glut of them, you may have already tried it. It’s a quinoa and tomato salad. It’s still hot here, so I’m really wanting to make as little as possible. You do have to cook the quinoa a little. If you don’t want to do that, you could use couscous as a completely noncook version. I say that because I have made couscous many times without using any heat. I haven’t done it in all seasons quite well. You can add any seasonings you want. Right now, I used a Mediterranean Mint quinoa that I found for a dollar at Aldi’s. It was marked down for some reason. There are five listed servings in it and I’ve done this to the last three. I have bounced between raisins and craisins in this to good results. So, you could even add other dried fruit that you’d want to eat. I haven’t tried freeze dried though yet.
I’m also looking into trying good meals for a low price. I’m working on a new budget for the near future that will have me cutting down on the food I can buy. So, soon I can add in tips for lower prices on grocery shopping. Maybe. But, this meal, because of the free tomatoes, is under a dollar.

Tomato Quinoa Salad serves 1
4 cherry tomatoes (from garden)
1 plum tomato (from garden)
1/4 C Mediterranean Mint Quinoa
2 Tbs raisins
1/2 tsp Olive Oil

Make Quinoa according to package directions (doing math to make one serving). Cut cherry tomatoes in half. Cut other tomato into bite sized pieces (mine made twelve pieces). Put quinoa in bowl. Add remaining ingredients. Stir together. Enjoy.

Enter Title Here

So, I am not even going to try for a title today. Honestly, I find it humorous to keep seeing that listed in the title bar as I type posts up. But, I need to have a title, so this will be the one. Maybe someone else can think of something more interesting. Tonight, not happening in my brain.

I have been trying to figure how to keep staff members from feeling the need to check on me when I am waiting for Mayhem’s appointments to be over. I am required to sit in the waiting room while she is in there. It is not an issue to me. But, every ten minutes, I will get asked if I’ve been helped and I have to keep saying I’m just waiting for her appointment to be over. This is worst when I am reading a magazine that I brought with me just for that sole purpose. So, I know I can’t take my HGTV or Vegetarian Times in there to get ideas. It really would be productive for me so I could do things and make plans for projects. But, those distractions get annoying when it is a weekly thing. And I know I do not look like a teenager. Even when I have my earplugs in to try to listen to music.

In the past, I have tried to bring in adult coloring books and pencils to use on them. That brings out the children who are getting in trouble and I end up loaning them to the children so that they can have something to do instead of pester the other adults. This place does not have anything other than a couple of magazines, which is good because some of the people make a mess of them and nobody else can use them. There also is no television, which I really do appreciate more because then I don’t have to listen to either a medical type set of video Articles or kids shows which I have no interest in. I have also tried playing games on my phone. That has a similar reaction, but others want to know what I’m doing. Bringing notebooks and pens bring others distractions. But, all take away the distractions for me. This brings forward more checking in that I’m being helped.

This week, I did something different. But, it still had the result of everyone needing to know what I was doing. I took my knitting in with me. I was asked by three or four different people what I was working on. At the time, I really didn’t know and I was still trying to learn to knit. I will be slowly learning for a while. So, it became frustrating to be asked about it. I didn’t want to talk about it there but wanted something to keep me busy while I was waiting and not have to hand over to someone else. It did work a bit, so this may go with me for a while.

I have a plan on future appointments. I plan to keep a couple free printables of coloring pages for the appointments. Then, when there are children who need busy stuff, I can pull it out and they can work on those. I’ll keep a set of crayons and inexpensive colored pencils in my bag with that as the purpose. Though, I do find it sad that other parents seem to expect that all office places will have toys or something to keep the children entertained. I wish more parents in my area carried their own entertainment books and toys outside of their personal smartphone. I can understand the child’s frustration when the parent is entertaining him/herself and the child is being forced to fend for him/herself for entertainment while waiting there.

Ok, that was my big rant and the change it made. I was really going to just rant over why does everyone have to ask about what I’m working on when they see me doing something. I don’t hear the people before and really am trying to focus on what I am doing. It almost feels like an intrusion into my personal mental space. But, it seems to me that others feel require to acknowledge another’s presence even when the other person has made no attempt to state that they want acknowledged.


I hate blank pages. I stare at it after having a perfectly good post planned and my mind goes blank. How to start it. Is what I’m saying even worth the effort of typing? Why would someone want to read this? Why should I care? Then, I can type. It’s easier when I have other things on to distract my brain from questioning putting posts down. So, I usually throw on music or Doctor Who. Those do best since I’ve either heard or seen it enough times that I can tune it a bit.

So, I promised a friend a post. This is that post.

I’m starting to knit. I bought the book back around Christmas with the intention of making all the projects in it. From there, I read the entire book, plotted getting the perfect yarn and needles, and promptly gave up. I began a halfhearted purge of most crafting stuff since I felt that most of it would not have ever been finished. Quite a bit of cross stitch and crochet blocks were purged. Then there were drawing tools and papers and clays. So, quite a bit was gone, though some stayed. Of course, that also brought a temporary rule of beginning no projects until the rest were finished. I kept that until a couple of days ago.

Learning to Knit

First day of not screwed up.

I found a random skein of yarn just sitting in the broken bathroom. Nobody really uses the bathroom because of it, so I am unsure just how long it has been there. The yarn is listed as Royal blue, but it sure looks purple to me. I grabbed a pair of knitting needles in the house and started following the instructions in the book. It took me almost an hour to figure out how to do the casting on, but once I got it, it was the knitting itself that took the longest. Quite a few times, I pulled it out and started over. As of now, I have finally gotten the knitting down.

What do I plan on doing with this? I’m going to make it a scarf. I’ll just use the one skein, so it won’t be too long. Then, I’ll go to the yarn store nearby and buy some fancy yarn to make a different scarf. That one will follow the second pattern in the book. Hopefully, it will come out good.

On a side note, the youngest has started making a scarf of her own. She’s a day behind me, and is picking it up the same as me. She has been sitting in front of the tv with Doctor Who on and knitting. She normally fast forwards through the commercials, but is so engrossed that they all are played. Hers shows the bumps and changes in tension which leaves gaps and crushes. Apparently, she’s making it for her sister.

We are making strata today. This morning, the youngest made the first half and then it was put in the refrigerator. Hopefully, it will go well, but we’ll find out. Her toast was nice. Her projects are almost done. She has a little left to do on her first quilt. She’s becoming quite the crafty girl. She’s talked of having a big family, versus her siblings who want none to just one to carry on his family’s name. She is the most determined to be able to do any art form and since drawing and music are not her forte, she’s working on hers.

I have other things I want to work on and make, but that is for another post. And that post is for another day. Right now, I need to work.