Cans to chili

All winter, I have been craving chili. Only once did I get some with meat. This was at work and I just found it ehhh. I was just not content on it with meat anymore. I wanted the spices and flavor that wasn’t showing up. So, it’s cold and I really want chili still. I am still trying to see what all I can make meal wise to see what I can eat without meat and there is a glut of recipes. I also did promise myself a free guilt free meat meal per week. After the first week, I haven’t had one yet. Though those sloppy joes are tempting. But, I have some TVP if I get the craving bad enough.

So, I went searching for a recipe for vegetarian chili. I found quite a few. Maybe I should have saved a bland one for work for everyone wanting chili but can’t have it for almost another month. (See why I changed now? Nobody questions my eating habit change and will be used to it by the end of Lent and I hopefully stay on this.) Unfortunately, I didn’t. But I found a few that called for canned tomatoes and beans. This worked out for me. I made quite a few changes that I hope would work out. Most was from reading different recipes and blending them into one.

Honestly, chili is the clean the fridge of foods. But, it is so filling and delicious, it is great to have. It is red from the tomatoes and spices and then the beans and mushrooms make it meatier.

What recipes do you make to empty the freezer or fridge? How often do you end up making the foods you crave and how long do you wait on the craving?


Babor cleanser review

So, I recently did a review on the Liz Earle cleanser. I found a foil packet of another company and it had a cleanser and so I decided to use it and make a casual impression. First and foremost, I don’t think there is too much impression-wise that can be decided from a foil sample. I normally can only pull two or three uses on these types of samples. Therefore, my thoughts usually end up wondering if it is worth spending the money for the full size if I’m still not blown away by the product if it could just take longer to see results. Secondly, I find that most foil packets don’t have as much information with use as the regular samples, which could skew results for certain products (like cleansers). So, I tried it with not a secure mind.

Babor cleansing is listed as a mild cleanser that is good for sensitive skin. This was actually labeled a cleansing milk. I did not get any redness from this and after use, my skin did not automatically get tighter with either use. In fact, this came out of the packet quite easily and is a liquidy cream color. It glided on easily and sank in quickly.

There are no fragrances listed with this product and I didn’t notice much of a scent, unlike some products, with this. To me, this is a good thing.

But, I did have to scrub more with this product to get basic makeup off. On a makeup free day, it was similar to splashing water and such. For me, I want something that I don’t want to be rough with my face to get product off. This means, when I put the product to clean my face, I want quick removal. Perhaps this is just too gentle for me.

On their site, a full bottle is $32.00. I can not justify that price to see if it was just the sample size being the issue. I wish I had been sent two of the cleanser. But that wasn’t the case and so this goes into my not try again list. Not the company, mind you, just this cleanser.

Have you tried anything from Babor before? I am curious about their other products though.


Tonight’s post is brought to you by my lack of time. I spent a lot of the day putting my name for higher paying jobs. It’s nice to have experience which allows me to ask for higher pay. Then, we had dinner and a nicely done band concert. This is my first time able to squeeze in a few minutes to update.

I’ve discovered a couple more recipes that I want to make this week for me. The sad part is that I am not working as many hours, so less frozen meals to take in. But, this also gives me more hours to try products for review and the ability to build a backlog of frozen dishes.

I want to make a comparison on a couple toners and what I have seen as different and therefore not  a working replacement. Another post I want to do is good budget products that are worth buying. Lastly, I have ready to type some more reviews that need to come here. I am probably weird in that I write a paper draft and then type it up after. But, I find that it helps me do a proper review with all I want to say.

Last word: Do not skip breakfast if you have been regularly eating it. Since my normal day was messed up, I did. This caused me to end up getting dizzy and not good. Perhaps if one has eaten enough late enough in the evening, then skipping breakfast can work. But, not when eating lightly day after day and feeling better from doing so. So, remember breakfast. This is the end of my public warning.

Better post next time.

Review of Liz Earle Cleanset

So, here’s the first of my new reviews. As a back point, my skin is pretty dry normally and somewhat sensitive. For me, finding a good cleanser is important. But, I also like to have something quick and not very messy to use. Doing my cleansing in the shower is a plus. But, more often than not, I need to use the sink and it makes a mess of water all over. No, I haven’t figured out how to fix it with my tiny bathroom.

So, I recently got a trial kit of Liz Earle products as an addon for my I Birchbox. Previously, I got a sample of just the Cleanser and cloth a few years before and never used. I finally decided to try it out and discover what the fuss is all about with this company.

Basically, you use the cleanser with a Muslin cloth which is included. The face needs to be moistened slightly before using the product. Then, with hot water (my heater is topped out on the lower end due to children), you wet the cloth and wipe it off your face. After that, you use lukewarm water to splash your face. Quite simple and basically mess proof.

Surprisingly, I do end up with less water all over simply because of the Muslin cloth. This is much softer than the regular washcloth I refuse to use because of how red it makes my face. Another surprise was how many washes I got from the sample bottle. This allowed me to properly decide if it would be effective as a cleanser over time. And, I am a bit impressed.

The cleanser has a light scent from the natural ingredients used. I noticed less tightness than I received from most cleansers, though getting clogged skin in the pores took a little more uses to remove than my previously normal cleanser routine. Wetting the face lightly brought more bubbling to the cleanser, but otherwise did not change the work.

Normally, when I get cleanser in my eye accidentally as its coming off, it burns my eyes. This product didn’t do that once. Though, yes, it did get in my eyes when I took off mascara. I discovered that it did quite a good job at removing the we makeup, unlike some cleansers I have used.

I will get more of this and will gulp down the price as a legitimate use. I see the reason for the hype, though will not be completely an addict of the brand because of the price for all the items. But, I cannot deny that until I can find a lesser priced product that performs above it, I will stick to paying the premium that it has.

Weekly planning take 2

See, I don’t really know why, but my plan on posts did not go as planned. I have been typing them and immediately posting them, which may not be the greatest idea. But, I have found the set a delay on posting icon (aka set date to post) and now plan on using it for certain posts that I expect to be posting about on certain days. This may even allow me to do more posts in a day as I keep my daily rule about blogging.  This will help also on me doing the other posts I want to do but just haven’t reintroduced to here.

So, plan for the week is simple. I am going to do a review, if it gets here on time, of this month’s splendies package. I also will get posted the birchbox review. There were some nice things in it. So, I do want to share it.

I have to do another floral arrangement. I do love the baby’s breath, but it needs changed out now. Any suggestions are appreciated on possible flowers to add. Otherwise, it will end up being grab a floral package from the grocery store and adapt it to how I want it arranged. With that, lots of times I don’t see any flowers I like AND they don’t last that long. So, there is that.

I also have plans on starting seeds for this spring’s lettuce. I must admit that my favorite thing to eat is fresh from the garden lettuce. It’s fun to grab as much as you want and know that there will be more later. My special idea, this year, s to do it in containers so an apartment move will not leave me veggie-less. Or the Guinea pig pepper less. Murder wants to make a Guinea approved garden this year. So, there are certain veggies she will be growing.

Oatmeal is going well. It is so easy to throw it together as I’m getting the kids ready for school. Honestly, this is easier than the instant oatmeal that I always ended up screwing up for myself and the kids. Plus, they can add stuff in as they like. Murder has been sticking to chocolate chips, applesauce, and cinnamon. She likes it so I’m not complaining. And, it’s less expensive than the instant packets she would go through.

That’s the week as planned. Everything else is up in the air. Mischief has a band concert tomorrow and drama most of the week. The play is in a couple of weeks. Choir concert is soon and then the concerts for Mayhem in band and Murder in choir all next month. It will be a long month ahead. I better go enjoy that newfound button for the near future.

No Apologies

So, I have been very drained the past couple of days. I’ve gone from a fine state to an extremely physically needing sleep state. My concern, at first, was that I wasn’t getting enough in me with food. So, I wrote down everything in an app that checks how much is going in and it says that I’m eating fine. Yippee! So, my other thought is the current changing weather and earlier sunrises. Too many changes at one time has messed with my system.

This weekend the trial run of homemade oatmeal is occurring. I bought a container of old fashioned oats to cook and bake with. I’m also getting away from the packets of instant when I’m not at work but want a warm breakfast some mornings that is beyond coffee. So my new addition is oatmeal in the morning.

The first recipe is going to be the basic oatmeal. All my life, all that was made was instant. It was too much of a hassle for my mother to make it any other way in mornings. I am trying to do improvements on our morning meals and learning to make it this way is the first step. This way, I will be in charge of how sweet it is and what I add to it. I am planning on figuring a maple flavored one with the addition of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Murder is going to take a breakfast cooking project this year for 4-H. She is the child who loves breakfast (well,honestly, any meals) and wants to learn to make her own. So, I plan on borrowing some of her recipes and adapting them also.

Take care.

Down n dirty

I am very tired today. I don’t know why. So, this is mostly a way for me to not make an excuse to not post, which will give me an excuse to not post again and again. Right now, I am trying to return to the pattern of blogging here.

I am tired. Today has not been busy, but it also has been long because it was quiet and cold.

I am tired. This is my time to try to relax as the day ends. This is a short week for me though close to a normal amount of hours. It has made me not cook as much, when I should be doing it. Meals are not interesting me as much and I’m getting dizzy as more frequent intervals. I did check my blood sugar and it is in the 70’s, which I am glad to see. This has been lower than its been the past few years. I check my food to make sure that I am eating enough. I fill up too easily with less when I don’t eat meat. This could be a problem later or it could stay a good thing.