About This Blog

She’s Mad, I say. Absolutely, terrorizingly, committably Mad.

I, Heather, am a person typing this with my personal opinions. All the words on the main page are my own and not paid for by others. If they ever do become that way, I will let everyone know. I am a working mom. I am growing my thick mess of hair out from a massive cut. It is planned on getting back to below my waist in a few years. I wear contacts or glasses, depending on how bad allergy season is, how long I had the contacts in previously, or how lazy I am feeling. Pictures are either my own or have proper copyright information. I used to write stories or poetry. Sometimes, that may show up. This is my place to show insanity. At least, until I decide there is too much clutter and put certain things into different blogs, which I do not have extras set up.



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