Caramel Chocolate Coffee

I’m looking for ways to get around all these soup recipes that call for blending. In some cases, like bean soups, I already figured a hack. Take some refried beans and remove some of the whole beans from the recipe. That adds the thickness of the beans along with keeping the amount of beans whole. Other times, I just take a potato masher and mash them that way. The choice depends on both how much energy I want to expend and what other ingredients are in there.  Delicate vegetables that just don’t lose shape when in the masher mostly (I’m looking at you spinach and kale), down goes the masher. Carrots and peas that are falling apart and I’m going to freeze most of it? Masher. Green beans, sweet potato, squashes? Throw some refried beans in. Adding some tofu or the italian sausage? Another case for the wonderful refried beans. Just bean soup? Oh, that ends up a mix of both. Just to throw everyone off.

It’s sad that my reasoning is not that I’m afraid of a blender. I’m not. I have a huge I think it’s a kitchenaid or else a cuisinart food processor packed up in a box from my old apartments.  I just never had either a regular blender or an immersion blender. I’m planning on changing that, but I’m certain I’m not the only person in the world who wants to not have most soups to say blend this after most recipes. One less thing to wash after each meal is always good along with an option for those who just don’t have the extra money to get one or the room to store it. That has me falling on canned purees. I know most people look down on them for the fact that hey aren’t fresh and homemade, but they are a good alternative. And there isn’t just pumpkin anymore. I found some canned sweet potato puree and another type of squash  in one store. I’m hoping to find more as people realise that not every creamy soup has to be blended to be creamy. But, there is another type of puree. And that’s what I’m currently experimenting with. Baby food. I actually got the idea when I was walking down the aisle looking for something else. The one store actually had baby purees by the household supplies, which held the dish soap I wanted. But, it made me look at them and realise that would make a good base for soup. They are constantly on sale and there are coupons for them everywhere. In fact, I am starting to find the purees in squeeze packs, so they can be in larger sizes. Need a cup of broccoli to make a soup? Grab a few jars. Just make sure to pay attention to the ingredients on the packaging. Some still have added sugars or other ingredients. But, it’s a reasonable option in exchange for the effort or losing out on making the recipe because you just don’t have the appliance to make it.

Like I said, I’m figuring out substitutions. Another thing I really love is my fancy coffees. I still haven’t completely figured out how to get them as frothy without a milk frother, but I find that the froth dies fast enough I would rather just have the flavor and full texture instead. That doesn’t need the frother. If my family is reading this, I still want that espresso machine with the frother though! Plus, doing nondairy nilk takes a different temperature and so more tools. Because we all know (at least some know) that I have seperate tools for coffee than cooking. I picked this recipe up between going to the Thai restaurant and getting their iced coffee and when I was doing that low carb diet a while ago and hated the tiny options available in sugar free. Seriously, coffee places, they do offer more out there than just vanilla, caramel, and hazelnut! And I’m not calling it mocha only because it’s not using espresso.

Caramel Chocolate Coffee

Serves 1

1/4 C Condensed Milk (either dairy or non-dairy will work)

1 Tbs. Chocolate syrup (there are low carb chocolate syrups or even no carb if that’s what you are watching)

1 Tbs. Caramel syrup (Same here or go to the ice cream area and grab a container of caramel syrup)

12 oz water

Coffee grinds to brew

So, get your coffee ready with the coffee and water. In your cup, first place the condensed milk on the bottom. Then, add your syrups. Mix them together until it is the same color. Pour your brewed coffee slowly in, stirring as you do. Sip.


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