I don’t want to go home!

So, this is part two off the road trip. Yesterday was so much rain, we took longer than we expected to get to where we are now. I have been collecting travel books for Mischief from the states. I still need to get the three of them some actual souvenir. It shouldn’t be too hard.

I am so recommending people go to Mississippi. The people were so nice and helpful. It is a pretty place to drive through, but there were a lot of things we would have stopped for if we weren’t on such a time schedule. Plus, I got the best cup of gas coffee I have had in a long time. I am so glad the lady talked me into waiting for the new pot to finish brewing! We don’t get that sweetness where I am. Also, they had such a cool welcome center. The ladies were more than willing to tell us of places to stop that were indoors because of the rain and let us know they were free. They were even able to tell us how much longer we had driving through the state. Yes, I am putting my thoughts on a small amount of people, but when most of them were just strangers who didn’t need to be nice, like the guy who opened the door for me at the gas station, I think that says a lot about the people in the area.

I had the best grits in forever. They were so creamy and yummy. I had to order a seperate bowl for a second helping. We stopped at a Waffle House a little north  of Birmingham. It seemed to be the one that all the locals stopped at. Those are such a good place to stop. That, therefore, explained why the food was great. We had the sheriff tell us to drive safe even. The waitress was a sweetheart. Whenever you travel and have the time, ask locals where their favorite place to eat is. That will always tell you where the good food is. 

By the time we got to Tennessee, we were so ready to quit driving in all the downpours. We almost got a room, but finally outran the rain. It only took us two hours to drive through the state. There was so much construction on that stretch, though. If I had known, or looked it up ahead of time, I would have picked a different route. But, we would have missed the nice lady at the Welcome Center there. So, sometimes there are good things with the bad.

We are in Kentucky now. We are getting ready to take the last leg home now. It’s another six hours, but construction shouldn’t be bad. We missed breakfast, but Chickie said there is a lot out still. We finally discovered what a Huddle House is. I liked the sandwich I had. Our friend we met to see here got fried pickles and said the food was good. So, if you get stationed at Ft. Knox, there’s a good place to go. If you like Korean, he sends a recommendation to the Seoul Garden. 

Next stop: home. We plan on doing this trip mostly again having Mischief with us to help drive. We’ll take our time and stop for stuff next time.