Summer crafty idea with duck tape

I grew up in an area where we know the difference between duct tape and duck tape. Duct tape is solely for duct work and is nowhere near as adapptive as Duck tape, which now comes in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes. It is made near where I live and there is a fun parade every year. But, what fun can you do in clothing with this stuff?

This summer, I finally stopped cutting my toenails too short. So, this summer is the time for cool pedicures. This means sandals… And sunscreen. So, I went to the local dollar store to get a nice looking pair of flip flops. I was unable to find a pair I really liked, but found the very narrow strips of duck tape with some adhesive gems and other items. My plan: make my ideal sandals for summer.

So, I bought a pair of dollar flip flops, a roll of the tape, some gem strips, and the latches for the sandal strap. I am lining the sides of the flip flops with the tape. It is a solid black for a simple dressy pair. The thong is getting lined with the black tape, then topped with the darker purple strips down the middle of each side of the thong. I’m putting a strap up the back for my ankle with cardboard covered with the black tape. I folded a piece of the black tape into a band for my ankle to go with the strap. They are connected with the latches to make a custom ankle strap. (I didn’t use the wrong word because I am not using buckles for the strap.) this way, I finally will not end up with a part of the strap hanging from the shoe like I grew up having to deal with.

Is there anything else, clothing wise or craft wise, that you would want to do with duck tape? Pass on your own craft ideas for me to try next.