Target beauty box review. March 2016

So, it’s been a little bit since I received this box and I have been using most of it. This is a normal thing for me. These boxes go fast, so having a site to let you know when it goes on sale is important.

This month came with eight products. One was a fool packet of shampoo and conditioner. Another was a repeat from a couple months ago. I don’t want to say it is a regular thing, but to only skip one month and then return to a certain product is a little sad to me. Otherwise, there was a good selection again.

Hair Food Mousture Shampoo and Conditioner- foil packets

This product is listed as paraben, silicone (for the shampoo), and mineral oil free. Unfortunately, I have no intent on using it. This is going to a coworker who I am making a hospital kit for. It is something she won’t have to worry if it gets tossed after one use.

Not Your Mother’s Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

i am not a fan of sea salt sprays. My hair cares nothing for them. Or maybe my hair is just wavy enough that it doesn’t need it. Anyway, it does have a nice coconut smell that reminds me of the beach (or at least the sunscreen on the beach).

SinfulColors Nail Color in Lie-Lac

I first found this product in, of all places, the local dollar store. It is a light lavender color. I have given up on longevity of colors without chips, but remember to always use a good base and top coat with it.

Caress Adore Forever Body Wash

This is what was repeated. Still not impressed. That is all.

Banana Boat Sun Comfort SPF30

Summer must be coming! We have sunscreen! Ok, I will stop while I’m ahead. As in the past, I am still a dork about sunscreen and using it on a regular basis. Seriously, people, just do it.

You are Amazing Juicy Grapefruit Body Lotion

Yes, this smells like grapefruit. Red grapefruit. It also is the longest in taking to sink in, which is a good thing for me. I wish it had a different scent, but it isn’t bad.

Laniege Water Sleeping Mask

This is a nice addition for night for me. My skin is still quite soft after using it.

Nugg Deep Hydration Mask

I haven’t used it yet only because of people being sick and my not having time. There is only enough for one use, so I plan on saving it for a special event.

So, in the end, it was worth the cost and I may get some of it after trying.


Review of Liz Earle Cleanset

So, here’s the first of my new reviews. As a back point, my skin is pretty dry normally and somewhat sensitive. For me, finding a good cleanser is important. But, I also like to have something quick and not very messy to use. Doing my cleansing in the shower is a plus. But, more often than not, I need to use the sink and it makes a mess of water all over. No, I haven’t figured out how to fix it with my tiny bathroom.

So, I recently got a trial kit of Liz Earle products as an addon for my I Birchbox. Previously, I got a sample of just the Cleanser and cloth a few years before and never used. I finally decided to try it out and discover what the fuss is all about with this company.

Basically, you use the cleanser with a Muslin cloth which is included. The face needs to be moistened slightly before using the product. Then, with hot water (my heater is topped out on the lower end due to children), you wet the cloth and wipe it off your face. After that, you use lukewarm water to splash your face. Quite simple and basically mess proof.

Surprisingly, I do end up with less water all over simply because of the Muslin cloth. This is much softer than the regular washcloth I refuse to use because of how red it makes my face. Another surprise was how many washes I got from the sample bottle. This allowed me to properly decide if it would be effective as a cleanser over time. And, I am a bit impressed.

The cleanser has a light scent from the natural ingredients used. I noticed less tightness than I received from most cleansers, though getting clogged skin in the pores took a little more uses to remove than my previously normal cleanser routine. Wetting the face lightly brought more bubbling to the cleanser, but otherwise did not change the work.

Normally, when I get cleanser in my eye accidentally as its coming off, it burns my eyes. This product didn’t do that once. Though, yes, it did get in my eyes when I took off mascara. I discovered that it did quite a good job at removing the we makeup, unlike some cleansers I have used.

I will get more of this and will gulp down the price as a legitimate use. I see the reason for the hype, though will not be completely an addict of the brand because of the price for all the items. But, I cannot deny that until I can find a lesser priced product that performs above it, I will stick to paying the premium that it has.

Julep June Maven Box It Girl Review

Yay. So, as soon as I got home, I got my June Julep box. I am very excited to have gotten this. Every month, Julep sends out boxes based on the sign-up quiz that you take to determine your best box choice. You also get the option every month to view the rest of the boxes and choose which one you want. I have yet to find one of the other boxes to have more colors that I would be willing to wear regularly than the It Girl box. Also, you can add on up to three items in your box. This month, I chose three add-ons, which gave me a free surprise item. This month, I turned in my points for getting the boxes and received a free box. The collection that they are doing this month is the Three Wishes collection.

First off, the added treat that I got was pixy sticks. Oooh, yummy yummy sugar. Two orange ones and a grape (purple) one. Yeah, I love my pixy sticks. They could send them in my box every month and I would be content. Normally, I don’t even think about the treat, but this was fun.

The three colors that I received this month were Savoy, Jennine, and Phia.

Honestly, I got this box solely for Phia. It was the one color that I wanted from the entire collection. It is a sparkly orchid purple. It goes on pretty sheer, so it will take a few layers to get the more opacity that shows in the entire bottle. But, sheer and opaque has me drooling on the look of it. It honestly looks from a soft orchid to a dove gray, depending on the light, when it goes on my nails. Perfect morpher.

Jennine is a surprise joy for me. I thought I had enough blues, especially sparkly blues, in my collection, but this one just is pretty. This is another of the stardust finish colors and it is worth the owning. It makes me think more of the darker ocean waters sparkling than a space color. I finally have a polish that could be perfect when I wear my dark aquatics.

Savoy is the last of the bunch. This is a golden color. It reminds me very much of another color I have that is a satin finish. It doesn’t dry as matte as that one, though. So, I can enjoy it. Maybe do an accent of one when using the other as the main polish.

Now, my add-ons. I got the Oxygen smoothing base coat. I always need base coats, so when I was able to add this on, I did. I do want the top coat, though, to put on my nails. This is supposed to help build strength in the nails. It ends up a nice tint white, so I don’t really have to add color if I don’t feel like it, but still want to have something on my nails. I also got a mystery color. It ended up being Mae. This is the satin finish that I don’t have, but have wanted. It is a light orchid. Also, I got the Plie Wand creativity kit. It comes with a dotting tool and a striping brush. I wanted another one of each of them, and got the rest of the Plie kit last month in my May box. So, now I can say that I got all of it.

For getting three add-ons, I got a surprise gift. It was the two pack polish of Veronica and Marjorie. Veronica is a Classic with a Twist color. It is a simple mauve that I actually can see myself wearing from time to time. Probably would use it more as an accent on a design more than a solid color. Marjorie is an It Girl color. This is such a bright orange. I think it will get more usage from Mayhem or Murder than it will me. Murder is the one who likes the bold colors the most.

So, have you considered getting a Julep box? You can get your first box for $4.99 using the code “FREEBOX”. If you have one, which box did you get? Did you like your selections?

My Tips on Sunscreen

Ok, first off. I have sunburn. So posting this is partially a point in what I should have done to prevent this from happening. But, I am also lucky in that it is already turning into a tan. I guess this means I need to find some sunless tanner for the rest of my body so that it doesn’t look so crappy where I got burnt. I’ll explain how I got burnt at the end of this post.

1. Always keep a hat to cover you. At the very least, wear a baseball hat. The absolute worst place to get burnt is on your scalp. Whenever this happens to me, I end up looking like I have a scalp and skin problem. Since I already have an issue with a dry scalp that looks like I have a bad case of dandruff, this is not a good situation to be in. Even better is to get a small, brimmed hat. Best of all is to get a big, floppy hat. Mine is a broad floppy hat that is black and white striped. Last year, I got picked on about it by certain people. This year, I got the last laugh by showing them that it was in magazines as the fashion. Oh, it also does very well in shading my shoulders along with my face.

2. Wear sunglasses.  If you have glasses, then I recommend that you get either transitions or a pair of clip on shades. Seriously, that is sunscreen for your eyes. Look for the highest UV protection on them. Also make sure that it protects from both UVA and UVB rays. They are different forms of ultraviolet rays that affect different parts of your skin and eyes. It is very important to have both repelling. If you wear contacts, still wear sunglasses because the UV protection will only cover your iris and pupil. Your cornea is still unprotected.

3. When you apply sunscreen, do two layers. This will make sure that you do not miss any spots. Since it blends in so well, you can easily miss a spot with a single layer, or you may have spread it too thin for the amount that you put on your face.

4. A face sunscreen tip. Start from your forehead down. Most people remember to put sunscreen on the nose, but sunscreen on the forehead can be pretty close to forgotten. If you have bangs, you may think that you don’t need to worry so much, but you do. Your hair does almost no protection, no matter how thick or dark those bangs are. Slather some more sunscreen on your forehead.

5. Do not forget your scalp. I normally carry a sunscreen spray to do my entire scalp. I have been known to move my hair just to make sure that it all is covered. Think about it this way: do you really want to fade that color that is in your hair now, if you color it? Call it an added discount on the amount of money you have to add for color sessions.

6. Don’t miss your ears. Take an extra squirt and smear it all over your ears. If you want to think about it, it can be an ear massage for yourself to add relaxation for a moment. Many doctors have discovered skin cancer forming behind the ears because so many people forget to put it on there.

7. Read your sunscreen bottle carefully. All sunscreens are not made the same. All sunscreens have a certain SPF. Some sunscreens are water resistant. Some are sweat resistant. The bottle will tell you how long it will last under certain conditions. These conditions can be longer or shorter than you would think for putting on your protection. Also, look to see which type of protection you are getting in your bottle. The latest recommendations are for a mix of both physical and chemical active ingredients.

8. Remember to reapply. Apply every day, even when it is cloudy and rainy. Those rays are still getting through. Hey, even apply in the winter. I have actually gotten sunburn in the middle of winter when it was snowy and cold. I learned my lesson on that. We always need out sunscreen. If you need a reminder to reapply, set an alarm on your phone for the amount of time that the bottle states to reapply. When it goes off, you reapply and reset the timer.

9. Do not rely on your makeup or clothes for total sun protection. Light fabrics only have a natural SPF of 10 max. Dark clothes are maxed out at 5. Yes, I have seen SPF listed clothes out, but you still need to put sunscreen on underneath all of that. Remember, you do not reapply moisturizer on your skin every other hour, so you should not look at that as the end all be all of sun protection.

10. Sunscreen SPF does break down with age. If you have a bottle from the previous year, halve the SPF for efficiency. This means that the old bottle will need to be reapplied twice as often as if it was made for this year. But, it can still be used. In fact, that’s a good reason for it to be used faster.

11. Get lots of variety of sunscreens. I, personally, usually have a solid stick, a spray on, and the lotion. This year, I plan on putting a variety in every purse I can possibly carry.

12. Drink fluids. Yes, it will make you sweat in the summer some more. It will keep you from getting dehydrated. Also, it will help you keep moisturized under that sunscreen. Or, if you do get burnt, it will help you replenish the skin to heal better. Talk about a glowing skin.

13. If you do get burnt, add aloe vera gel. Or, use an aloe plant leaf on your skin. They grow so easily and are pretty hard to kill. They can be, but it isn’t easy. Unless you are Mischief, who killed mine from last year by leaving it out in the first frost of the fall. So, I got another aloe plant as a Christmas present. But, use it. If it is hurting, also keep some burn relief spray to take away the sting. In fact, many now have aloe with the spray to keep the skin moisturized.

So, here’s what happened for me to get sunburn. I was working yesterday and Murder had a softball game. I was picked up to go to the game, but we had to get the planter that one of my coworkers bought from the kids for 4-H. I went home, changed into a tank top because I was so hot, and immediately was told that it was time to go because the plant was waiting and it was close to game time. I did not get time to grab my hat or any sunscreen. So, I was not properly protected. It hurts today, but I have my sunscreen for today’s outing in the garden. I also have broken off a couple of my aloe leaves to help keep it moist. This is why I am planning on buying many more lotions and sticks to keep in my purse for the summer.

Keep safe this summer.

Birchbox for May 2014

I got back to this box after a hiatus from life. I do appreciate getting items to try whenever possible. It has allowed me to try new companies and items than I would have if I had to buy full sized items of everything. It also lets me make really different and more personalized presents for family on items I know that would be wasted otherwise. Birchbox offers points that expire after a year to use towards items in their shop. These can be earned by referring friends, buying a box subscription or other items, and reviewing products in the box you receive. This month boxes came out late, so I received points in my account. Normally, boxes come out on the 10th of the month, but this month I received mine on the 14th. I am still impressed by how quickly it got to me.

This month, I had a yellow outer box. It is a bright yellow that the mail lady (I know this because I’d graduated with her son) had a hard time fitting into our mailbox. While the rest of the mail was in the back quite nicely, this was diagonal at the front close to crammed in. In her defense, we have only a standard mailbox. Plus, it wasn’t bent or crunched, so she did a good job getting it in.

Inside is the traditional brown, branded box. These boxes are a perfect fit for me to carry my makeup when I’m travelling. I feel more secure with them being in boxes than a makeup bag for the same reason I am with a solid suitcase for checked luggage. I also use them for small presents for the males in my family to make them concerned about what they are getting. Golf balls fit nicely in them, along with fishing flies.

This month, the inside of the box had such a cool print, it needed to be mentioned. It was a black and white herringbone print that was very bold. I will keep this box for me for product photo shoots.

I received five items in my box to review for points this month. Along with that, I also received a coupon for Kate Spade Saturday. This was an item that everyone received, which is cool. The other item is something I really was excited on finding. As per the baggy post, I buy sunscreen all the time. The other item was a coupon for Supergoop. This is perfect for both Murder and me. She plays softball over the summer, so she always needs it added. One application can last a game.

Here is what I received to review in my box:

Noya lip gloss in Summertime Peach- this color is way too close to my skin tone, so it is a fail that way. I love Noya, so I will be willing to part with money for a full size of one of the other three colors in the collection.

Supergoop SPF30- this is the sample I mentioned in the baggy entry. I am looking forward to using it on the road trip.

Shea butter- the joys of doing this on my family’s iPad is that I can’t just look at the item to give the brand name. I will when I get home. But, this stuff is nice and thick. Beyond that, I’m not overly impressed. I may have to try it on Mayhem to see if it keeps her skin soft. My skin is just too dry.

Kerastase cleanse shampoo- this stuff is specifically designed for long hair. It is a foil packet, which makes me sad because I have almost nowhere to put it if I can get a second use from it. But, maybe this will work with my thick hair. Something to keep in mind as it keeps getting longer again.

Kerastase cleanse conditioner- I will see how I like this conditioner. Currently, I use Garnier’s Pure Clean conditioner for my hair. It works to clean it, but it feels a little heavy still in my hair.

So, do you receive Birchbox? What did you get? Would you want to get a Birchbox?

TSA Baggy

So, I have to do a trip to Houston, TX to ride back home with my dearest friend. I have done a few trips to other states with not much of a problem. Of course, there is the issue that I will get hit by turbulence. With that, I’m not talking a light wiggle the plane. No, I will get the flight attendants letting out a shriek kind. The hope is that it will be on the first leg of the flight and not the second. My ticket is with Southwest, so I have to make sure to check in as soon as I possibly can. Though I am pretty certain that nobody else will want the seat that I want, there is always the possibility. But, honestly, how many people want the furthest back seat on the plane?

So, everyone knows by now that you must carry a quart sized baggy for liquids, gels, and aerosols to get through security. I have mine packed with my main essentials. I don’t have mascara in there only because I found out that they added a Benefit at the airport, so I can just grab one there and have more room in my baggy for the rest of the stuff. In the baggy, everything must be smaller than 3oz. or it will be tossed. The exception is if you have something medical, are breastfeeding, or have baby food/formula. Those don’t need to be in the baggy, but still have to be separate from the rest of your stuff. That’s why my allergy nasal spray and contact lens solution are not in the baggy also.

So, here is my baggy. Yeah, it is full. A couple things are presents for my friend.

Inside the baggy is:

LA Fresh Antiperspirant Wipe for Women: I got this in a Beauty Box 5 last year and just didn’t have a need to use it. Three day road trip is a good reason to use it now. I really like that it takes less room than my deodorant stick for trips. My main concern is how well it will work and if I break out. It’s the inactive ingredients that always get me.

LA Fresh Instant Body Smoother: Here’s another Beauty Box 5 from last year that I never used. I planned on using them, but it was much easier just keeping a container of body wipes when I got to work and taking a shower when I got home from work than trying to find these if I liked them. So, this finally will get used. I will add that I do plan on buying a small thing of wipes for the rest of the trip if we take more time than planned on the road or if we get more stinky than we can deal with.

Crystal Light Liquid in Peach Bellini: Our drink of choice over the trip is bottled water. There will be coffee stops for me and tea stops for resting time, but mainly water. I am so picky about plain water that it isn’t funny. But, that’s for a later post. This is a yummy flavor that both of us like. Therefore, this will be completely used by the time the trip is over.

Amlactin Moisturizing Body Lotion: I got this first in a subscription box, then as a sample to review on a free sample site. I do like this stuff a lot. It claims that it will make your skin more photosensitive. Honestly, that is a simple trade to me constantly turning my body into a scratching post. This is also the closest I have found to the prescription that my family has for psoriasis and eczema. It is also the closest bottle to the limit of all the stuff in my baggy. I will fight and argue to keep this with me. I need the full 2 oz. for travel. By the way, I have refilled the bottle a few times since using the sample up.

Coola Mineral Sunscreen tinted moisturizer SPF 20: I keep this for any travel I do. This goes on first thing in the morning before I go out. I was worried when I first got it that it would be too dark for my skin, since most tinted stuff is, but it blended in well and gives me a bronzed look. I also use this as my foundation. I love that it has a nice scent, yet has no fragrances added. It uses only Titanium Dioxide for the sunscreen, so it does not last very long as a sunscreen. But, it is a good start for me so I can layer on as the day progresses.

Cotz Face SPF 40: I like to use this sunscreen on my face also. I can add this after I get out into the sun to go over my Coola. It also does not change my skin tone. It really does blend in so that I look like there is nothing on. I can wear this first on days where I want to have a complete makeup free look. Then, I can glory in my paler skin color. This uses both Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide for sunscreens. My avatar is from when I was going sunscreen free all over. I could tan even in the coldest day of winter. I still technically can, but I prefer to put on sunscreen, if only to get Murder to use it. Mischief and Mayhem have my delightful lack of burn ability with pale skin.

Sport Coola Classic Sunscreen in SPF 45 in Fresh Mango: With all the sunscreen samples I received last year, I never even opened this one. I know that  SPF breaks down as it ages. This is why I really hope to get more sunscreen in my subscription boxes this year. But, I have fallen in love with the Coola sunscreens and their use of natural ingredients. The active ingredients in this are Avobenzone, Octinoxate, Octisalate, and Octocrylene. I think that is why I avoided using this one last year. I do want to stick to less chemical and more natural sunscreen protections. But, I’ll use it on the trip this time, or give it to my best friend to use. It depends on who wants it more.

YuBe Moisturizing Skin Cream: I use this for my lips. It is very moisturizing. You can even order the sample size on their site to make it so easy for travelling or to have others try out. I got this first in a swap and refuse to live without it for my lips. I even put it under any lip balm and lip gloss I wear. Otherwise, I look like I have crocodile lips.

Julep Nail Polish in Audrey, Bess, and Portia: I am a nail polish addict. Remember that from my first post? Well, I refuse to go on a trip without being able to do my nails. Audrey is the pale pink color. That is what I call my shading color. It is pretty sheer , so it will change the color of Bess, which is my very opaque aqua blue. Portia is my blue glitter, so that will be for extending the life of the polishes. Yes, I do know how to paint my nails in a moving vehicle.

Perfume Oils: I just don’t feel like listing all of them here. I have 5 samples and two bottles. One bottle is for when I sleep since it helps me rest. The rest are for whatever mood I feel like being in and how it complements my personal scent. This also is where the present comes in. One of them is for my best friend since she loves the one scent and will have all of her perfumes packed up. We both like the scent of the other bottle on us, so I am bringing that.

So, that is what is going into my baggy. All of the rest of my stuff goes into my little bag. Tomorrow will have some tips on packing for a week trip or less with only a carry-on case. With that, I should add that I do over pack for some reason. If you travel, what do you have in your baggy? What would you put into your baggy for your dream trip.