Where is Spring?!?

No seriously. It was so nice while I was sick and now it’s snowing. And they say it’s only supposed to get worse. I guess since we had such a mild winter, I should have expected it. I remember why I hate snow. It’s cold and wet and stings when it’s falling. Blech. All I want to do is curl back up in bed and hide from it. On the upside, I did get paperwork I needed to get in done. But, to walk in the cold weather is quite annoying. Worse was standing to wait for the bus. The snow adds up ON me and I have to brush it off, which then shows how it’s getting my jacket wet.

So, to compensate foe the cold weather, I’m taking to eating warm and filling food. Like another oatmeal. My stomach is still getting better, so I’m coddling it by trying to feed it as little harsh foods as possible. Which means I haven’t had much coffee yet. I figure I can wait on that acid a few more days. The little I had was a couple of sips from the guy’s mug last night when we got together. I must admit, I miss the flavor of it. My warm drink is tea right now. Considered making a coconut milk drink, but I don’t have the flavorings to add that I’d want.  Summer plan? Get berries and herb plants and make some syrups to add to milk for steamers. I probably could make some now too, but don’t like the idea of the cost to buy the ingredients. Imagining an apple cinnamon syrup now. Ok, I’ll stop drooling over the idea.

But, speaking of cinnamon, I have to admit to a bit of a love for it. I can only think of one time where I overdid cinnamon and that was when I had a bottle lid come off while pouring cinnamon on applesauce. At one point, I used to grate fresh cinnamon on everything. In fact, I usually use it in place of sugar when making homemade spaghetti sauce. Plus, I’ve been known to add it to chilis and sloppy joes. It adds a spice and a sweetness to a dish that is pretty subtle when used in moderation (not when dumping half a bottle in at once). But, I can never bring myself to eat cinnamon sugar toast. I remember 4-H projects that had that as an option both growing up and when the kids took it. I gag over the flavor. It’s too much sugar sweetness to me. But, otherwise, I love it.

Here is a recipe for an apple and spice oatmeal. I was trying to go for an apple pie type feel and I think I did ok. For some reason, I misplaced my ginger powder and did not feel like opening another jar. So, I changed plans and added the crystallized ginger. It ended up giving the texture of something to bite along with the creaminess of the oatmeal itself. Adding the nutritional yeast gave me a slight hint of a cheesiness to go with an apple pie. I know, people think that you should eat ice cream with apple pie, but I learned in high school that lots of places eat it with cheese and I found that it makes it taste quite nice. So, I tried to make a play on that with this oatmeal.


Apple Pie Oatmeal

Serves 1

1/2 C oats
1 Tbs Chia seed
1 C water
1 Tbs brown sugar
1/4 tsp nutmeg
2 tsp cinnamon
4 pieces crystallized ginger
1/4 C applesauce
1 pinch nutritional yeast


Mix oats, chia and water in microwave safe bowl. Heat between 2 to 3 minutes in microwave. Check your wattage to see what is best. Add remaining ingredients. Mix together. Enjoy.


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