Joys of being sick

So, my big plan of keeping a local honey regimen is a little screwed. I’m going to have to just lessen the amount of honey for the next week. Why? Well, I’ve been down with a stomach bug for the past few days and slept past when I could make the time to get to the market before it closed. Upside, I’ve lost a couple pounds from not being awake long enough to even eat. Then, what I would eat wouldn’t stay down for a day. I’m finally able to have applesauce and crackers. A new thing to add in: rice. But, my plan is to keep it a mild rice because I’m not sure what will upset my stomach. This is the first time in a while that I’ve been sick like this. So, I currently have a pot of rice going. At one point, my fancy kind of rice for being sick is what I’m going to put today. It’s applesauce rice. Should I add that I’m almost done with a big jar that I bought from Aldi’s a while back and I just opened it a day ago? Yep, not much food right now and it’s all comfort food.

I have learned something else over the past couple of weeks. I can NOT do blog posts over my phone. I tried and it was just too much of an issue due to my phone that I found myself almost giving up blogging at all. I am fine with adding pictures here from my phone, but posts themselves must be done by computer. So, that means that I either have to do better at planning some future posts for when I either have lots of work ahead or I have to carry my laptop with me everywhere. I think future posts looks much more interesting. Otherwise, I’ll do like now and not have anything on for a while. That makes me sad to have, so I can’t have that as an option.

But, something I’m missing that I want to figure out how to make again is paprikash. Growing up, that was the recipe that was looked forward to. Mainly, I wanted the dumplings after they had soaked in the soup for a day or so. It traditionally has either chicken or veal in it. Since I am no longer eating either, it is going to require me to make a lot of changes. At least the dumplings will stay the same. I’m thinking of doing a mushroom to give the meat feel, but since the meat was more shredded up, I’m not sure of that. Another option in my head is to get some shredded veggies and do it that way. It ends up being a cream type of soup with the sour cream. My thoughts there are to make a roux and add some almond milk to it. I figure that coconut milk will be wrong here flavor wise, so something more neutral for the milk with a roux would do well on thickening. But, this is all along the lines of planning, so it will be a far in the future item for recipe. But, first I need the right paprika. Ok, that sounds snobby, but I will admit to having a preference to the red box of paprika as that is what I grew up using. In some cases, a spice is a spice. But in others, a spice tastes so different from brand to brand. And paprika is one of those. But, part of being sick makes me want my comfort foods. And that is one of them.

An interesting thing is that when they say you should reintroduce foods from a stomach illness, there is the BRAT(TY) diet. For me that turns into the RATT diet. Yeah, I can live off of a 80’s hair band diet. I can’t have bananas because they make me sick I remember seeing it growing up, but not eating too much because it was more for mom. I kind of remember getting yelled at for eating too much at once when I was bought some, so maybe that’s the other reason. I want to save it for a nice treat and never can figure a good time to have it. So, I’m giving up on buying it. If the urge to have it hits me, I can go get one on my way to work or take a trip to get one, but that also means that I’m seriously craving it if not a work day.

This recipe is for a nice change on regular rice or for a dessert that is not so creamy. I’m sure it can work for other rices, but I’ve only made it with arborio. Let me know how it comes for you if you use different.


Applesauce Rice

Serves 1

1 C Arborio rice, cooked

1/2 C natural applesauce

1 Tbs cinnamon

Reheat rice if it is not already hot. Mix applesauce with cinnamon. Add rice to applesauce. Mix until completely blended together. Enjoy.



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