Multi Tasking meals

So, the boy did his first Music audition for college. He had two and is currently planning on going for a Bachelor of Musical Arts. Why? Because he is still not certain whether he wants to focus on Composition or Education. So, his decision is to go this route where he will see parts of both his first year. His current music teachers both agree with this option, as did the admissions person we talked to at the audition. Actually, the college one was impressed that he chose it for that reason. So, if your kid DOES want to do music but not sure what; recommend looking at that to start. This way, less need to add classes later since the core classes are already taken for the department. I am a little less concerned about what he wants to do. My big concern is whether or not he gets in. The older girl went with us and she talked to the one music professor and became excited again with music. She also got some good advice from the high school seniors who were auditioning that day. It was a nice thing to see.

We also ended up going to a small deli to get lunch while we were waiting for the auditions to happen. The girl got a chicken noodle soup that was hot enough she couldn’t eat it at first. The boy and my father both got meat and cheese sandwiches. Both said it was fine, though they both ended up having upset stomachs. I got a vegetarian sandwich. It was a couple cheeses and some veggies with both horseradish sauce and spicy mustard. It gave me my missed horseradish mustard I have missed. I even got to have an option of Marble Rye bread.

A hard part? The kids do not eat many vegetable based meals. So, there are not many veggies or grains out here. This has me trying to figure how to eat the way I want while having them eat. The girls already know that they will see more stress on veggies over meats, but I will keep some meat for them. It will just be a side or ingredient, not a main part.

Tonight, we did something that will end up being a regular option in the future. For the kids, they had chicken Parmesan. I had spaghetti with a tomato and mushroom sauce tonight, but could easily make it eggplant Parmesan. I know that there are more options available that can be both meat and vegetarian. I will touch on them also later on.

Up tomorrow, a broccoli, chickpea and rice bowl for me and a pork chop with broccoli and rice for them.

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