Quick and Simple Rice and Beans

It keeps trying to sprinkle here. The day is not too cold, but still is pretty gloomy. Not like the previous days. It feels too much like Spring still though. Right now, I’m on a cooking binge for the week. So, with the glut of food and packing being done, I still need to feed myself. My biggest thing is that I make enough of one thing that I can eat. Well, today, I just made a load of rice. I needed it for a couple different things and even still it was too much for the amount I made. I’m almost to the point of not having to cook for work meals for the next couple of weeks. My freezer is about to the stuffed point. So, that will help a bit. All my recipes I stretch to four servings, which gives me four weeks of options to eat. That’s also good when the recommended time to freeze foods seems to be a month to three.

My biggest thing is that I’m making myself try new foods that I wouldn’t have previously tried. I’ve never made cabbage rolls or stuffed peppers before. Now, I can say that I have. It’s easier to make cabbage rolls and I find that I enjoy making them. It’s taken me many years (maybe it was the meat stuffing that didn’t help things) but I find myself even liking eating them. But, I make more filling than I have the patience to roll. So, what do I do? I take the remainder and either put it in soup or else with fried cabbage to make an unstuffed cabbage. That makes quick meals for work that nobody else seems to touch. It could also be that the night shift doesn’t find interest in others foods because they all bring their own. Either way, I get to enjoy it.

Another recipe I never ate growing up is this addiction of mine. I never had a reason growing up to know about rice and beans except maybe school, which did that spanish rice. I don’t think it had beans in it though. It was red and clumped into a scoop that went with taco day. It looked so unappetising and I always tried to avoid it. But, when made to choose between eating the taco and eating the rice, I ended up eating the rice. No, I don’t remember there being much flavor in it either. So, when I first considered seriously trying vegetarian, I read all about rice and beans. Such a staple that I had never heard of. So, of course I had to try it. For a while, I ended up just buying a box to make of it. It was bland or nothing but spice. This, this is mine and it’s a little creamier with a bite from the beans. Using the bean mix, all I need to do is reheat it enough to the same temperature as the rice. And for future reference, I’m in love with coconut milk. It is richer than the others, even coming out of the box. I do buy the shelf stable kind because it’s cheaper than the refrigerated. Since I’m already reading the labels, I keep an eye out for the kind without carageenan. I’m not really all certain about the health risks, but currently I just want something with a little less extra. And since they are the same price, I choose to go without.

rice and beans

Cajun Rice and Beans

Serves 1

3/4 C cooked Jasmine rice
1/2 C bean mix
1 Tbs cajun spice blend
1/2 C boxed coconut milk

Put all ingredients in a 1 qt saucepan. Mix together until the spice blend is coating all of the rice. Heat on Medium low. Scoop it in a bowl and eat it all up.

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