Second day and some cute stuff

First off, I’m still trying this. I just got lucky after some unlucky bits. And I’m eating a snack that is FREE! First time and I LOVE it. I may need to find actual access to this stuff. Crunchy and popcorny?!? Oh yeah. But, I will listen for the end of the popping and pull then. Even when the recipe said to go longer. But, I’m in love with it tonight. Or maybe it’s just that I was able to have something beyond my budget that I could do.

So, to begin with: breakfast. I made a single egg. It didn’t scramble like I expected. Instead, because I waited a moment too long, I got a faux omelette. It got me thinking that I have some cheese shards I can use. This means I can make an actual omelet. I’m going to save it, though, for my last day. I’m considering making a mild miso soup (one of the boxes is of Japanese spices and I haven’t used it up yet) and putting the rice with it. That would be a very different breakfast.

Molly knocked her bowl more than normal. She has been sleeping more in the back room. Her favorite place has been by the exercise bike. It happens to be near Gare Bear. So, the two of them stare at each other from time to time. Not once do they growl or hiss, just stare and relax. I guess being older, they have settled into true world. But, heaven forbid someone be late in feeding him. Molly just starts begging and meowing until someone does. Now, as an explanation, we are talking only five minutes late, not hours at a time. It still is quite annoying.

So, back to lunch. I took the other half of the spaghetti noodles I made last night. I had added some corn and black beans with spices. It was pretty good. Honestly, I was still hungry after. Maybe this isn’t going so well. Or I was always eating more than I should. Most of what I am making is single servings.

But, dinner was a treat. The others were going out and I was with them. We all went to Subway. So, I got a meal that way. I know these situations will happen, so I don’t feel too badly about it. And it will happen with the people who it happened this time. So, not bad. Actually, it gives me a little more play with my foods.

Next week is the fair. I’m hoping that being closer to the grounds is the key to getting a better connection. Apparently, there will be an interesting setup for camping there. We have the electricity pole smack in the middle of the camp site supposedly this year and for future years. The joys of getting moved and not being over a ditch. We now get to maneuver around other items. I’m so glad I’m not going to be there while they are doing it. I just hope they don’t have other issues this year.

Well, bedtime. Take care. I’m done with my snack.

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