Food experiment

I really must be crazy. I’m going to see if I really can survive on the budget I set for myself for food when I am in my new place. So, here is what I have done. I’ve only allowed myself ten dollars for shopping for this week. I am not allowed any items I would not normally have in my pantry to use unless I put it in my budgeted $10 for the week. This is including cornmeal (because I’m not sure yet if I would keep it on hand) oats (because I only really want to make oatmeal over the winter), and pasta (because it is not a longer lasting item). I am not counting my coffee only because that was budgeted separately. With the amount of coffee my youngest and I drink, it NEEDS its own itemization.
I’m already cringing. I am not too excited over the small amount I bought. I already made a stupid mistake on what I bought. I got two cans of corn (should have grabbed green beans) with regular corn on sale for about $0.25 an ear. Plus, I was going to buy applesauce and didn’t! Well, reminds me to write down better what I wanted. Upside, I’m not at ten dollars yet.

Another fun for me is the fact that I have a bunch of spices to play with. I know some people would say I was cheating, but I’m not. I have them as part of my subscription box entry. Therefore, they will be there and are counted separately. Yes, there are subscription boxes for spices. In a couple of cases, I can still use the recipes because of how many of the ingredients I already have. There’s a really good benefit. And I’m not counting salt or pepper because I am STILL working on a $1.00 Baggie of each from five months ago. Yes, I do buy those spices very rarely. And yes, those baggies will be with me always.

So, where did I shop? I ended up going to both work and the dollar store. To be honest, the dollar store has more things OVER a dollar, but it’s called the dollar store. Luckily, I know enough with the store layouts and in enough to know what’s cheaper where that I was able to have a little extra left for the week still! Trust me, I need a couple more veggies so saving some for later will be a good thing.

I ended up buying canned beans instead of dried. This is because I still fail at dried beans. I have not been able to cook them outside of a crockpot bean soup successfully. I have tried numerous ways and still fail. So, I spent money on the cans. But, I have a couple recipes that call for the bean water, so it’s not all a loss. I am planning on making one as a dessert this week for when I get hungry for sweets. I know I will, so this will save my skin.

Many thing else you want to know?

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