First day food

I need to remember tomorrow. Fry a stinking egg. I kept thinking about food and what I could eat. I’m now down to one dollar left for the week. Reason? I bought a pound of sweet potatoes. They should last me most of the week though. Plus, I can get a little variety in because I don’t eat a whole sweet potatoe in one sitting. This is luck for me.

Because I didn’t eat an egg today, I can do the rest of the week with two eggs and will have my entire dozen eaten. It was cool to get a dozen for such a low price. No, they aren’t organic. But, I can’t afford the fancier stuff for now. I’m doing a lot of experimenting with food. It should be a good and worthwhile experiment. But, I’m not quite sure this will work. I’m already questioning if I can keep in budget and not get bored.

Anyway, what did I eat? I had a 1/2 cup of rice with a 1/2 serving of corn. I made a seasoning for the rice of some Cajun spice mix and file gumbo mix. That was my first meal of the day. Of course, I had my coffee earlier and then went out for a walk. So, I could have made an egg or something for breakfast.

Then I worked. My brain kept pointing out what I could have and I said no. Well, minus a thin slice of cheese which was getting tossed. When we get a partial alive we can’t sell, if it’s too small we just toss it. So, I came home ready to cry because I was getting hungry and I couldn’t think of what I could make.

So, I looked and decided I wanted something to comfort me. I ended up making spaghetti and tomato sauce. Then, I remembered that I had a bag of salad I could eat. It was on sale for a dollar and I added that to my dinner. I ended it with a dessert of half a peach.

Along with that, I made some spaghetti with olive oil and beans and corn for lunch tomorrow. I’m thinking tomorrow night could be rice with a poached egg and a quarter peach in slices. Maybe I can bake a little of my sweet potato. Dinner made me feel a little more like this could be manageable. I’m already appreciating the subscription boxes for the spices. Otherwise, I can see myself I would fail miserably way too soon.

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