A simple, possibly cheap meal

So I am gardening. Like I said before, most of it is a failure. But, my tomatoes are so happy. I have so many. I have frozen a few. Those will make for good winter meals with pasta and sauce. Or, I can make them a tomato soup with them. This year, I’m learning new things to do over giving them to others and feeling overwhelmed by them. My next batch of big tomatoes are going to be frozen without the skins. I’m also throwing them in other, different things. I’m almost ready to try some skin care products. Hey, I said I had a glut of them.
But, one recipe I’ve started making is a quite simple one. If you have a glut of them, you may have already tried it. It’s a quinoa and tomato salad. It’s still hot here, so I’m really wanting to make as little as possible. You do have to cook the quinoa a little. If you don’t want to do that, you could use couscous as a completely noncook version. I say that because I have made couscous many times without using any heat. I haven’t done it in all seasons quite well. You can add any seasonings you want. Right now, I used a Mediterranean Mint quinoa that I found for a dollar at Aldi’s. It was marked down for some reason. There are five listed servings in it and I’ve done this to the last three. I have bounced between raisins and craisins in this to good results. So, you could even add other dried fruit that you’d want to eat. I haven’t tried freeze dried though yet.
I’m also looking into trying good meals for a low price. I’m working on a new budget for the near future that will have me cutting down on the food I can buy. So, soon I can add in tips for lower prices on grocery shopping. Maybe. But, this meal, because of the free tomatoes, is under a dollar.

Tomato Quinoa Salad serves 1
4 cherry tomatoes (from garden)
1 plum tomato (from garden)
1/4 C Mediterranean Mint Quinoa
2 Tbs raisins
1/2 tsp Olive Oil

Make Quinoa according to package directions (doing math to make one serving). Cut cherry tomatoes in half. Cut other tomato into bite sized pieces (mine made twelve pieces). Put quinoa in bowl. Add remaining ingredients. Stir together. Enjoy.

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