I hate blank pages. I stare at it after having a perfectly good post planned and my mind goes blank. How to start it. Is what I’m saying even worth the effort of typing? Why would someone want to read this? Why should I care? Then, I can type. It’s easier when I have other things on to distract my brain from questioning putting posts down. So, I usually throw on music or Doctor Who. Those do best since I’ve either heard or seen it enough times that I can tune it a bit.

So, I promised a friend a post. This is that post.

I’m starting to knit. I bought the book back around Christmas with the intention of making all the projects in it. From there, I read the entire book, plotted getting the perfect yarn and needles, and promptly gave up. I began a halfhearted purge of most crafting stuff since I felt that most of it would not have ever been finished. Quite a bit of cross stitch and crochet blocks were purged. Then there were drawing tools and papers and clays. So, quite a bit was gone, though some stayed. Of course, that also brought a temporary rule of beginning no projects until the rest were finished. I kept that until a couple of days ago.

Learning to Knit

First day of not screwed up.

I found a random skein of yarn just sitting in the broken bathroom. Nobody really uses the bathroom because of it, so I am unsure just how long it has been there. The yarn is listed as Royal blue, but it sure looks purple to me. I grabbed a pair of knitting needles in the house and started following the instructions in the book. It took me almost an hour to figure out how to do the casting on, but once I got it, it was the knitting itself that took the longest. Quite a few times, I pulled it out and started over. As of now, I have finally gotten the knitting down.

What do I plan on doing with this? I’m going to make it a scarf. I’ll just use the one skein, so it won’t be too long. Then, I’ll go to the yarn store nearby and buy some fancy yarn to make a different scarf. That one will follow the second pattern in the book. Hopefully, it will come out good.

On a side note, the youngest has started making a scarf of her own. She’s a day behind me, and is picking it up the same as me. She has been sitting in front of the tv with Doctor Who on and knitting. She normally fast forwards through the commercials, but is so engrossed that they all are played. Hers shows the bumps and changes in tension which leaves gaps and crushes. Apparently, she’s making it for her sister.

We are making strata today. This morning, the youngest made the first half and then it was put in the refrigerator. Hopefully, it will go well, but we’ll find out. Her toast was nice. Her projects are almost done. She has a little left to do on her first quilt. She’s becoming quite the crafty girl. She’s talked of having a big family, versus her siblings who want none to just one to carry on his family’s name. She is the most determined to be able to do any art form and since drawing and music are not her forte, she’s working on hers.

I have other things I want to work on and make, but that is for another post. And that post is for another day. Right now, I need to work.

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