Random PSA

They stuck a swab and almost made me throw up. Yes, my throat was very tender. No call to see if it’s strep. So, I’m thinking not. Their answer: rest up(hah) and keep with what I’ve been doing. But, the reason why is here.

Ginger. I was looking at the screen they have and the random facts that show up and that stuck out at me. Why, you ask. Because the tea I’ve been drinking is a ginger and lemon tea. The screen said that ginger and vitamin c were both good for improving the immune system.

So, thoughts from it. Do a cup of ginger tea. Even if ginger is only part of it, it could help. There are many companies that offer ginger as a part of their tea selection. You can also make your own. That is what the Internet is for. Or, perhaps you would prefer some pickled ginger. Honestly, I could spend a fortune on that and gobble it all down. My one friend laughs at me over sushi because I have been known to ask for extra ginger and wasabi and eat the two as a dessert for me.

Ginger has a moment of sweet heat. It can be a pain to peel. It is woody and knobby. If you ask my kids, it is the evil stick. But, it can be nice in the right form. The right form is different from person to person. My recommendation: try all the ways possible and find your favorite.

Do it as another way to stay healthy.

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