Photo 101 street day 2

So, today is about street. This time, I played around and decided on a different street. Humans aren’t the only ones who use the same path to form a street. So, I changed my thought to the animals that cross the road. This was me trying to show their road from their perspective. I took a few shots and decided on this one in the end. imageThis is where the animals cross from one side of the woods to the other. Yes, those are straight rows of trees. Originally, the trees were from tree farms. So, this is the result from those years. But, deer and pheasants and turkeys and foxes run there most evenings. So, the reminder is for people to slow down there in the evening.

Added to that, lots of people find lots of farm animals loose during the spring to fall. Best was the draft horse walking down the road. Yes, walking. We’ve had steers break loose and the sheriffs called. Joys of country living.

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