Cans to chili

All winter, I have been craving chili. Only once did I get some with meat. This was at work and I just found it ehhh. I was just not content on it with meat anymore. I wanted the spices and flavor that wasn’t showing up. So, it’s cold and I really want chili still. I am still trying to see what all I can make meal wise to see what I can eat without meat and there is a glut of recipes. I also did promise myself a free guilt free meat meal per week. After the first week, I haven’t had one yet. Though those sloppy joes are tempting. But, I have some TVP if I get the craving bad enough.

So, I went searching for a recipe for vegetarian chili. I found quite a few. Maybe I should have saved a bland one for work for everyone wanting chili but can’t have it for almost another month. (See why I changed now? Nobody questions my eating habit change and will be used to it by the end of Lent and I hopefully stay on this.) Unfortunately, I didn’t. But I found a few that called for canned tomatoes and beans. This worked out for me. I made quite a few changes that I hope would work out. Most was from reading different recipes and blending them into one.

Honestly, chili is the clean the fridge of foods. But, it is so filling and delicious, it is great to have. It is red from the tomatoes and spices and then the beans and mushrooms make it meatier.

What recipes do you make to empty the freezer or fridge? How often do you end up making the foods you crave and how long do you wait on the craving?

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