Babor cleanser review

So, I recently did a review on the Liz Earle cleanser. I found a foil packet of another company and it had a cleanser and so I decided to use it and make a casual impression. First and foremost, I don’t think there is too much impression-wise that can be decided from a foil sample. I normally can only pull two or three uses on these types of samples. Therefore, my thoughts usually end up wondering if it is worth spending the money for the full size if I’m still not blown away by the product if it could just take longer to see results. Secondly, I find that most foil packets don’t have as much information with use as the regular samples, which could skew results for certain products (like cleansers). So, I tried it with not a secure mind.

Babor cleansing is listed as a mild cleanser that is good for sensitive skin. This was actually labeled a cleansing milk. I did not get any redness from this and after use, my skin did not automatically get tighter with either use. In fact, this came out of the packet quite easily and is a liquidy cream color. It glided on easily and sank in quickly.

There are no fragrances listed with this product and I didn’t notice much of a scent, unlike some products, with this. To me, this is a good thing.

But, I did have to scrub more with this product to get basic makeup off. On a makeup free day, it was similar to splashing water and such. For me, I want something that I don’t want to be rough with my face to get product off. This means, when I put the product to clean my face, I want quick removal. Perhaps this is just too gentle for me.

On their site, a full bottle is $32.00. I can not justify that price to see if it was just the sample size being the issue. I wish I had been sent two of the cleanser. But that wasn’t the case and so this goes into my not try again list. Not the company, mind you, just this cleanser.

Have you tried anything from Babor before? I am curious about their other products though.

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