Tonight’s post is brought to you by my lack of time. I spent a lot of the day putting my name for higher paying jobs. It’s nice to have experience which allows me to ask for higher pay. Then, we had dinner and a nicely done band concert. This is my first time able to squeeze in a few minutes to update.

I’ve discovered a couple more recipes that I want to make this week for me. The sad part is that I am not working as many hours, so less frozen meals to take in. But, this also gives me more hours to try products for review and the ability to build a backlog of frozen dishes.

I want to make a comparison on a couple toners and what I have seen as different and therefore not  a working replacement. Another post I want to do is good budget products that are worth buying. Lastly, I have ready to type some more reviews that need to come here. I am probably weird in that I write a paper draft and then type it up after. But, I find that it helps me do a proper review with all I want to say.

Last word: Do not skip breakfast if you have been regularly eating it. Since my normal day was messed up, I did. This caused me to end up getting dizzy and not good. Perhaps if one has eaten enough late enough in the evening, then skipping breakfast can work. But, not when eating lightly day after day and feeling better from doing so. So, remember breakfast. This is the end of my public warning.

Better post next time.

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