Weekly planning take 2

See, I don’t really know why, but my plan on posts did not go as planned. I have been typing them and immediately posting them, which may not be the greatest idea. But, I have found the set a delay on posting icon (aka set date to post) and now plan on using it for certain posts that I expect to be posting about on certain days. This may even allow me to do more posts in a day as I keep my daily rule about blogging.  This will help also on me doing the other posts I want to do but just haven’t reintroduced to here.

So, plan for the week is simple. I am going to do a review, if it gets here on time, of this month’s splendies package. I also will get posted the birchbox review. There were some nice things in it. So, I do want to share it.

I have to do another floral arrangement. I do love the baby’s breath, but it needs changed out now. Any suggestions are appreciated on possible flowers to add. Otherwise, it will end up being grab a floral package from the grocery store and adapt it to how I want it arranged. With that, lots of times I don’t see any flowers I like AND they don’t last that long. So, there is that.

I also have plans on starting seeds for this spring’s lettuce. I must admit that my favorite thing to eat is fresh from the garden lettuce. It’s fun to grab as much as you want and know that there will be more later. My special idea, this year, s to do it in containers so an apartment move will not leave me veggie-less. Or the Guinea pig pepper less. Murder wants to make a Guinea approved garden this year. So, there are certain veggies she will be growing.

Oatmeal is going well. It is so easy to throw it together as I’m getting the kids ready for school. Honestly, this is easier than the instant oatmeal that I always ended up screwing up for myself and the kids. Plus, they can add stuff in as they like. Murder has been sticking to chocolate chips, applesauce, and cinnamon. She likes it so I’m not complaining. And, it’s less expensive than the instant packets she would go through.

That’s the week as planned. Everything else is up in the air. Mischief has a band concert tomorrow and drama most of the week. The play is in a couple of weeks. Choir concert is soon and then the concerts for Mayhem in band and Murder in choir all next month. It will be a long month ahead. I better go enjoy that newfound button for the near future.

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