Review of Liz Earle Cleanset

So, here’s the first of my new reviews. As a back point, my skin is pretty dry normally and somewhat sensitive. For me, finding a good cleanser is important. But, I also like to have something quick and not very messy to use. Doing my cleansing in the shower is a plus. But, more often than not, I need to use the sink and it makes a mess of water all over. No, I haven’t figured out how to fix it with my tiny bathroom.

So, I recently got a trial kit of Liz Earle products as an addon for my I Birchbox. Previously, I got a sample of just the Cleanser and cloth a few years before and never used. I finally decided to try it out and discover what the fuss is all about with this company.

Basically, you use the cleanser with a Muslin cloth which is included. The face needs to be moistened slightly before using the product. Then, with hot water (my heater is topped out on the lower end due to children), you wet the cloth and wipe it off your face. After that, you use lukewarm water to splash your face. Quite simple and basically mess proof.

Surprisingly, I do end up with less water all over simply because of the Muslin cloth. This is much softer than the regular washcloth I refuse to use because of how red it makes my face. Another surprise was how many washes I got from the sample bottle. This allowed me to properly decide if it would be effective as a cleanser over time. And, I am a bit impressed.

The cleanser has a light scent from the natural ingredients used. I noticed less tightness than I received from most cleansers, though getting clogged skin in the pores took a little more uses to remove than my previously normal cleanser routine. Wetting the face lightly brought more bubbling to the cleanser, but otherwise did not change the work.

Normally, when I get cleanser in my eye accidentally as its coming off, it burns my eyes. This product didn’t do that once. Though, yes, it did get in my eyes when I took off mascara. I discovered that it did quite a good job at removing the we makeup, unlike some cleansers I have used.

I will get more of this and will gulp down the price as a legitimate use. I see the reason for the hype, though will not be completely an addict of the brand because of the price for all the items. But, I cannot deny that until I can find a lesser priced product that performs above it, I will stick to paying the premium that it has.

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