No Apologies

So, I have been very drained the past couple of days. I’ve gone from a fine state to an extremely physically needing sleep state. My concern, at first, was that I wasn’t getting enough in me with food. So, I wrote down everything in an app that checks how much is going in and it says that I’m eating fine. Yippee! So, my other thought is the current changing weather and earlier sunrises. Too many changes at one time has messed with my system.

This weekend the trial run of homemade oatmeal is occurring. I bought a container of old fashioned oats to cook and bake with. I’m also getting away from the packets of instant when I’m not at work but want a warm breakfast some mornings that is beyond coffee. So my new addition is oatmeal in the morning.

The first recipe is going to be the basic oatmeal. All my life, all that was made was instant. It was too much of a hassle for my mother to make it any other way in mornings. I am trying to do improvements on our morning meals and learning to make it this way is the first step. This way, I will be in charge of how sweet it is and what I add to it. I am planning on figuring a maple flavored one with the addition of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Murder is going to take a breakfast cooking project this year for 4-H. She is the child who loves breakfast (well,honestly, any meals) and wants to learn to make her own. So, I plan on borrowing some of her recipes and adapting them also.

Take care.

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