Down n dirty

I am very tired today. I don’t know why. So, this is mostly a way for me to not make an excuse to not post, which will give me an excuse to not post again and again. Right now, I am trying to return to the pattern of blogging here.

I am tired. Today has not been busy, but it also has been long because it was quiet and cold.

I am tired. This is my time to try to relax as the day ends. This is a short week for me though close to a normal amount of hours. It has made me not cook as much, when I should be doing it. Meals are not interesting me as much and I’m getting dizzy as more frequent intervals. I did check my blood sugar and it is in the 70’s, which I am glad to see. This has been lower than its been the past few years. I check my food to make sure that I am eating enough. I fill up too easily with less when I don’t eat meat. This could be a problem later or it could stay a good thing.

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