Trip planning

So, once again I am planning on some traveling. I’m one of the chaperones for Mischief’s field trips. Luckily, it is just for a weekend. But, this will require me to do a light packing during the changing of seasons. My goal is to be able to pack all of my items in one smaller bag. Since everyone will be traveling on the same bus, there won’t be as much room either.

First up will be clothing. There is a statement on the sheet with the trip of no jeans, sweatpants, or yoga pants. No jeans takes out most of my regular wardrobe. I plan on taking my khaki slacks as one item. Hopefully, nothing gets on them the day we go to the amusement park. My other bottom will be my pinstripe skirt. I figure that it will work with quite a few items I own as tops that I can layer if it gets cooler. I plan on adding a pair of black leggings to go under it if it is too cool.

For tops, my plan is to add my black cowl sweater, my loose knit beige hoodie, a couple short sleeve v-neck black shirts, and a solid long sleeve top. The short sleeve shirts will most likely be my black Phoenix lunacy shirts, so I will also keep them appropriate and more on the subtle side for print. I am also considering taking a “new” denim jacket in case I get one by the trip. I need to replace my current one because it is already worn out beyond repair. That is a good lighter jacket to wear. Normally, they also have extra storage pockets so I don’t have to carry a purse and can carry a battery charger easily. I plan on wearing my leather jacket, so that would be not packed.

Of course I will have underwear and socks. But, I’m trying to decide if I should pack a long pair or keep both sets as no show socks. Luckily, I have another month to figure this silly issue out. Plus, I have to throw together some pajamas. It’ll be all females in the room, but I still don’t want to wear my normal sleepwear around them.

Other packing will be my sleep cap, which I use to keep my hair from tangling in my sleep, my shower cap, and samples of cleaning stuff.  For me, this should be enough. I worry that I will end up missing something. So, the plan is to keep updating this as the weeks get closer.

Do you notice anything that seems missing? When is the earliest you begin planning or packing for a trip? Is there really a too early phase?

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