This Week Plan and experiment here

image.jpgToday is an unusual day. Normally, this would be the day of dishes, laundry loads, and housecleaning. Ok, so dishes are a normal daily, but it also is when I make my lunches for the week, so more dishes than normal. But, today is a day off for the kids too. So, I’m cooking for everyone all day. Plus, this week I get to see the girls bowl twice. The first time is this afternoon. They do a bowling league that I usually miss due to work.

My big deal for today, in regards to food, is that I’m going to make rice and beans for me. I’ve never made it myself for some reason. I have had it made for me a couple of times by others and enjoyed it. So, right now I’m cooking the beans. I also want to make some baked beans on my own out of the pinto beans I need to soak still. Maybe I’ll even take a stab at making retried beans for some tacos this week. I do need to use the rest of the Seitan that I bought last week. That should be a good addition to tacos and maybe an addition for omelets.  Last thought to make could finally make chili again after a few years.

Mischief has his meeting on Saturday. It’ll be fun getting him up at school day time when he normally gets up closer to noon over the weekend.  But, it is a nearly two hour meeting, so he will need to eat before. So, early wake up is required.

I made waffles with chocolate and peanut butter chips this morning. My lesson learned: don’t follow the directions for waffles but DO follow the pancake batter with my waffle maker. The ones made the proper way were less dense and took longer to bake than the ones that used the pancake version. The ones with the pancake batter felt much closer to restaurant quality waffles. Just for reference to others, the maker is an old GE two square maker.

This week will have more foods to try and learn to make. I also need to do some more trials to make this week’s review of my birchbox box. There are some really good items and some that I knew I wouldn’t like. But, that needs done by Thursday. Stay tuned for more on that. By Friday, I want to have another floral arrangement done. This time, I’m hoping to add a picture for it. So, Tuesday and Wednesday entries are still up in the air for here.

Soon, I think I will add a small weekend addition of my meals for the week if I can figure out for myself what all I want to make then and enough good recipes.

Do you have any good plans for the week? What normal things do you find yourself doing on the days you don’t work and stay home?


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