Baby’s breath

Recently, I was reading an article on Apartment Therapy about different flowers to use as arrangements. One of the flowers they mentioned was carnations. I love carnations as arrangements and to grow in my summer flowerbeds. But, I hate grabbing them from florists buckets. My favorite thing to do is to get a nice arrangement in a bud vase and then pull out all of the filler to showcase the sole purpose of what I bought. Normally, this leaves me with greens and baby’s breath to toss out. If you are thinking why not use one of the previously bought bud vases, they were either filled with other stuff, broken and tossed, or given away after they got used. So, the filler would go to rot. Unless I decided to dry the baby’s breath, which did look pretty in some designs I would do. But, I was never content with it.

The other flower it mentioned was the aforementioned baby’s breath. They suggested doing an arrangement solely with this. Normally, in the past, I would have just rolled my eyes. But, this had a gorgeous picture with some together. It really did make me rethink my stance on the flower. It looked quite lacy and delicate.

So, yesterday, I asked my coworker who also does the flowers how much for just some baby’s breath. I had found an old bud vase of family’s that I wanted to see if it would be worth reusing. Today, she gave me some for the price of a coffee.

I ended up doing an asymmetrical arrangement with it. There are both fully bloomed and buds there. So, I started filling the middle and decided to fill more on the right side. It has similar to a bonsai tree feel as though it is reaching out to the one way. Or like the wind is blowing everything one way.

When I walk by it, I just look over and it gives me a little smile. Just that simple set of flowers sets a pop of white and green against the dull white of the wall and the darkness of the furniture. I’m curious to see what all I can do with this flower. Perhaps I will grow some this year, along with my carnations. No, they will not be in the same arrangement. But, perhaps some garage sales will provide me with some more cheap yet nice vases to place the flowers.

The ground is white and I want green there. I want to dig in soil that has been warmed by the sun and not a lamp. It is still cold out. And it may get colder. I finally reglued my cheap boot back together. Seed books only make my longing for warmth worse. The flower arrangement is helping me tolerate the outdoors. Just a little thing to help. I’m already wondering what I will do when it dies. These are just little glints of peace.

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