Stop snowing!

Since last night, it has been snowing off and on. I should mention that I hate the cold. It kept me in during lunch today because I had no intention of going out there and freezing. At times, it does almost all white. No, I do not find it pretty.

I find myself not having an issue with making meals and not using meat for me. So, I’ve been making two different meals and everyone is more content with what is made. Winter allows for less variety in their palates but mine still wants variety. So, I am starting a new option for them.

Today’s snack is a doctoring of Trader joe’s ginger miso soup. And my condensed milk and decaf coffee to drink. It’s heavy on the milk because I walked away from my cup to mix the soup. But, last time the soup seemed to be bland to me. Also, I bought myself some horseradish cheese. I love the stuff when it is here. I toasted a piece of sprouted rye bread to put in, but only needed a third of it. The spice is more noticeable than it was before. Just what I wanted as the snow gets worse again for a bit. This should tide me over during the concession stand serving. No, I’m not sure who is playing.

So, do you have a favorite snack or meal that is for only one season? Which activities do you wish you could not have to do from time to time but do anyway?

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