I’m baaaaaack

Sorry for the long hiatus. I’ve been subsisting and rushing around as a mom. The oldest is learning to drive. I’m still at the same place to work. Last year’s garden was pretty good, but I had some failures in it that I didn’t expect. We have a Guinea pig now.

This is still going to be my place to put things out for me. I’m still learning about my life and exploring. So, there’s more to write about.

The guinea pig is currently screeching and running around my bed while she waits for some veggies. The cat thinks of her as her baby to teach and protect. So we have her around everyone as much as possible.

I’m trying new foods and ways of cooking. I still bake outside of work, but lately have not had as much time for it with work schedule and kids schedules.

I also am still getting subscription boxes. Well, one beauty and one clothing. I also try to get the target box when I can. I stopped getting my nail one when my job made my nails and skin too ragged and peeling for polish. I have a bunch of colors but my nails can’t handle any polish. So, there will still be those entries also.

Hope everyone else is going well. Talk more later.

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