Garden update

Or, I could go it’s raining it’s pouring. Well, it is tonight. As it has for the majority of nights lately. This means, larger veggies. In fact, I got to pick a hot pepper today. It was so ready, I had to use the slightest pressure for it to release. I’ve also had a salad with the fresh lettuce that is growing. I really do like this garden. I think more needs to be grown next year.

Also, we have tomatoes growing and more tomato flowers blooming. Along with that will be a bunch of cucumbers and more zucchini than we’ll ever eat. I didn’t pick on the cucumbers or the zucchini, so that’s why we have so much of that. And there aren’t too many of a single variety of tomato, so it’s just the variety that makes there be so much. Mayhem likes tomatoes, I think I already mentioned. We joke that she won’t have any for her project because she’ll be lazing under the plants eating them off the stem. I find myself going out every day just ot see how they are growing and if there is any ripening.

I have Molly watching me type. I wish I had a good camera to get the picture of her.  She’s shrouded in the shadows, so all you really see is the white on her face. It almost has an eerie look.  But, she just sits there and I talk over to her. She likes to hide and relax, so I don’t try to disturb her. But when she wants attention, she really lets you know. Every year I consider growing catnip for her, but nobody at the house wants the neighborhood barn cats coming over for their fix.

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