It’s Summer

It’s here and I am hot. I keep telling myself that it is better than that cold we just left behind, so suck it up. But, damn it, I hate too much heat. No, I am not easily satisfied. I’m forced to fight for the smallest amount of Internet because the kids get up before me. (Especially now that I’m changing meds again and this one is making me so drowsy even after a week. (Damn side effects)) So, I know that any entries I put in will be not as well thought out as I’d have liked them to be. 

So, a week ago, I changed my meds. I was on Cymbalta, but it was affecting my asthma to the point that I was not happy. Yeah, I know, stop bitching. It helped the depression. But, I felt shitty because I couldn’t do any walking (like I’ve done it yet since changing the meds. (well I misplaced my mp3 player to listen to while I was walking)) or really any other exercising without being ready to have an asthma attack. Well, I quit the meds. Which let me have a weekend stay at the local crisis unit. Didn’t help matters that I missed a doctor’s appointment by a few minutes. But, yeah. Up side is that I started finally working on a story I’ve been meaning to work on for the past two years. A little thing called Writer’s Block to my hand just showed it’s head during those years. I’m still working on the story when I’m awake.

I’m still baking in the middle of the night when I can stay awake from this damnable heat. I know, it’s only going to get worse. But, it’s cool enough then that I can tolerate turning on the stove. I can hear people who live in other areas saying that they have it worse, and they would be making extremely valid points, but I just don’t like the heat or the cold. I have noticed especially when baking that there is a variance in outdoor temperature and rising capabilities in cakes. I don’t like the heat or cold for that reason either.

But, I have to go now.

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