Who’s project is this really?

The garden. It is growing. Mayhem and Murder is supposed to be helping out. Still hasn’t happened. My father and I took pictures of the garden in all the states it is in. Well, I’m talking about the main back hillside garden. The other gardens are not necessary to the girls. So, Murder went out with us after we asked her what all was growing there. She had no clue. She didn’t even realize how many tomatoes we have now. But, once she gets down there, all she wants to look at was the toad that hopped into the garden that I almost stepped on. I only missed it because I was looking down to make sure not to step on any plants and it hopped right next to my foot. The stinkin’ thing even let me poke it after it did that. Yes, I seem to be able to do things like that with amphibians. Murder leant down and it hopped away immediately. She’s the real animal lover, so I’m calling twisted priorities. Or else the Elmyra curse strikes again. Yes, think Elmyra from Tiny Toon Adventures. She killed a hamster by swinging it around in her purse, to keep it safe from her squeezing it too tight. That was how the first died. So, she picked up that nickname after the fact.

But, here’s the other thing about the garden. My plan is to make kebobs with the veggies that come out of the garden. I found a few on Rachel Ray’s magazine that I can pretty much believe the kids eating. So, we have a really good use for the garden. So, go tomatoes. And peppers, onions, corn (crap, he added corn and popcorn), and zucchini. I see myself having to figure out what all to do with this glut that is coming. Maybe sell some at a farmer’s market. Have the kids sell it and see how much quicker it goes. There, that’s where they come into the project! We plant, weed, and harvest. They make the money and get the easy project grade.

Well, I guess this officially makes me one of those parents. Do the work for the kid and let them reap the benefit. Well, I can also call this medically required rehabilitation. It’s either that or I could try vaping. When I was in the hospital, I had a nurse actually suggest I start smoking simply for the relaxing qualities that can go along with it. In the area, I was the only one who did not need a nicotine patch while I was there. It has almost become second nature to put patches on most of the people in there. The funny part of the whole suggestion was that the hospital was a nonsmoking hospital. This is to the point where they required people to do a test to prove that there was no nicotine in your system. Kind of cool, but even a janitor has to pass that?!? There’s irony for you.

Well, I have more, but the world is calling again. I must make myself a good cup of coffee because other caffeinated drinks are not cutting it. I need the flavor of coffee in my mouth and brain. Yeah, I need to work more on the monster cupcakes to see if I can end up making my Java monster one for my coffee love. That with some honeydew fresh from the garden. Sounds like the perfect end to summer. That’s what I’ll look forward to, since it’s hard right now to look forward to anything else.  

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