The Monster Experiment continues

So, first, I did straight unadulterated Monster in the cupcake. Then, there was the adding of the Monster icing filling. It went horrible. Horrible, I tell you. It was more like sugar than anything else. This time, I’m reducing the Monster to a syrup and considering adding a Margarita blender concentrate. Yes, I’m talking about those frozen cans that you just have to put in the blender and add the alcohol to. I think I figured out part of the issue. Whatever flavor is in Monster completely disappears in the baking process. Perhaps I just need something else to add that has a similar flavor to boost the little that remains during the heating. Right now, the closest thing I can think of is a margarita. Or maybe I’m just craving margaritas. Either way, here goes nothing. I’ll update on how that works out.

Another cupcake planned for tonight is the Key Lime Margarita one. I’m not completely following the directions. Why, you ask? Simply because I am too stubborn and lazy to buy a cake mix to make the cupcakes. Plus, I have now discovered a little doctoring on a recipe that makes this cupcake that bakes better for me than the mixes. It is soooo important to have fresh and correct ingredients. So, I get to break open some Jose Cuervo to bake. I am tempted to take one, if it comes out tasting nice, to the guy who runs the state store because I am certain he doesn’t believe that I bought all the liquor that I bought just for baking purposes.

Does anyone get weird habits about baking or cooking? I have discovered that I am the most comfortable doing my baking late at night. I have no desire to do it in the afternoon. I’ll also bake early in the morning, but would prefer to do the planning and plotting at that time. That last one’s not just for baking, but also for cooking meals. My kids should be worried over the summer when I’m staring with the fridge open at 9am. That’s because I’m looking in there and going, “what should I make today?” which usually ends up with them getting a crazy meal.

I picked two more strawberries from the garden. I’m going to decorate two of the cupcakes with them as bugs. Those two will be alcohol baked only, not infused after the baking. I just can’t eat strawberries, even the tiny ones that we have this year for the garden, without my throat closing shut. Yeah, just a little allergic. But, that’s what Murder wants. That and making the coconut grass for them to land on. I’m considering making a little frosting and putting a zinnia on it for it to perch on. Though, what I’d love to do the most is get the pansy seeds growing (they are planted but not up or anything) and then crystallize them to put on the cupcakes. Just something simple like that. That or get the roses growing and do that with some of the rosebuds and some completely blooming roses. For now, I could call some of the local florists and see if any of them deal with food grade flowers. I seem to recall one coming to the store to see if we used fresh flowers on our cakes from time to time. I doubt we have the number, so I get to do legwork. Maybe they’ll have the lavender, so I can use that for some cupcakes also. 

Well, I’m getting the look of I’ve been on too long and Mayhem wants the computer back. This is the joy of three kids and three computers.

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