Julep Memorial Day Mystery Box review

A couple weeks ago, like the same time I was getting ready for my trip, Julep sent out a notice of 10 different mystery boxes that they were putting up for sale. I got boxes 9 and 10. Both were going to be small ones and I thought that it would be the best because then I wouldn’t have to worry too much if it got out before I got back. Yeah, I was fantasizing for some reason. But, it got to me last night. The two boxes ended up in one shipping box. Each was in it’s own little tulle baggie. I don’t remember which was which, so I’ll list both.

In one baggie, I got two polishes, Max and Taylor, and a double buffer block. I do need buffer blocks, since mine normally end up disappearing after Murder gets a hold of them and uses them on her nails. She seriously has a “I don’t remember where I put it” issue. She grabs them and then they disappear. I fear they hit the trash at times. Taylor is a royal blue. I already have a copy of this polish, so this will get gifted over Christmas. Not to the girls but family. Max is a black and white hexagonal glitter polish. I do want to play with this one, though glitters like this usually don’t end up doing much on my fingers. So, this baggie is ok to get. Well, one less present to buy this year.

The second baggie came with a emery board and two polishes: Donna and Harriet. I actually have a complaint on my emery board. There are scratches on the smoother side. I don’t think it was used, but it just doesn’t look as clean as the part that was sticking out of the baggie. That sucks. I have enough emery boards, but can’t bring myself to gift this because I don’t want the giftee to think I used it and then gave it to her. Blech. Well, at least I have never gotten one of the polishes in this baggie before. Harriet is from the Boho Glam line and appears to be an orange or coral color. I’m going to go along coral, because I’m feeling generous today.  Donna is from the bombshell line. It is a green shade. I got this in a previous mystery box. So, this will get gifted also. 

Did you get any of the mystery boxes? How did you do on it? Which box did you get?

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