My Graze box for June 1-7, 2014

I had heard lots of people talking about Graze from when it was still just out of the UK. This is a snack company that provides customers with four single serving snacks for $6 a box. When you sign up, it automatically is set for every other week to be billed and sent. You can change it to be monthly or weekly. Mine is sent weekly, since I like knowing that I can set myself a limit on what I can have for a snack that day. Each one does fill me up, so it does it’s intended purpose. They offer two types of boxes: the nourish box and the calorie counter box. Both are the same price, but the calorie counter one keeps all the snacks below a certain calorie limit per serving. I get the nourish box. I like having a larger selection of snacks. They also have a option to make sure that certain things are not sent, so that you will not get something you dislike or can not eat. I have used that option so that I will never get foods that can set off my allergies.

Each Graze box is sent by USPS. It comes in a simple looking cardboard box. There are two plastic bands wrapped perpendicular to each other on the outside to keep the box from coming open in transport. They state on the box which end is the right one to open so that everything stays in the right spot when you lift the lid. Each week, on the inside, there is a fruit picture on the top lid. This week’s is a closeup of some blackberries. I want to keep these boxes solely for the inner pictures. On the bottom is a picture of grass, which is in most of the boxes. You also receive a little card that has all the nutritional facts for the items you get for the week. This week, they also put in a educational tidbit about their School of Farming. When others use your rebate code, you get a choice of using your rewards towards a free box or donating to this charity that they run. Mine always goes this way.

This week, I received the following snacks: Bonnie Wee Oatbakes, Fruit and Seed Flapjack, Jalapeno Fiesta, and Raspberry and Coconut Muffin. I have received all but the Jalapeno Fiesta in the past, so I know that I like all of them. Well, I am not certain about the Raspberry and Coconut Muffin solely because Mayhem sees it and steals it before I get to try it. She loves when I get that one.

Bonnie Wee Oatbakes (110kcal, 4g total fat): This is marked as wholegrain oatbakes with caramelized onion marmalade. Oatbakes are like a crunchy cracker. It does have a very oatsy flavor that complements the marmalade quite nicely. There are 7 of the oatbakes in the package. The marmalade is a small amount that is in the compartment next to it. It’s nice to get to dunk them in and bite each one before dunking the rest in after.

Fruit and Seed Flapjack (230 kcal, 11g total fat): A flapjack is like a really soft, moist granola bar. This one is marked as a rustic rolled oat flapjack with mixed seeds and dried fruits. I had to check before I got this the first time to make sure that it didn’t include strawberries. Though it is not stated which on the nutrition card, they do have a complete list of ingredients on their website. But, I feel really decadent when I eat this, unlike when I eat a granola bar from the grocery stores.

Jalapeno Fiesta (210 kcal, 18g total fat): This is marked jalapeno peanuts, salsa almonds, and roasted seeds. This is a new item in my box. I do like spicy stuff, so I am really hoping for good things with this. I do have a suspicion that I should add a cup of coffee to go with it though. Well, coffee and spice do good things to me. Yeah, spice and acid are fun together.

Raspberry and Coconut Muffin (140 kcal, 8g total fat): This is Mayhem’s favorite snack. She loves this. I do want to know about the fuss, so this means that I may have to eat this very soon. It is marked raspberry cranberries, coconut, amaretti drops, and almond slices. It sounds good. I know that when she had her first bite, she ate a little separately and didn’t get it, but I told her to get a little of everything and that’s when she fell in love. So, this must taste good.

Do you get a Graze box? If so, which one do you get and what did you get in yours? I’m going to order a calorie counter box for a one time try. Would you want to get a Graze box? If so, let me know and I’ll send you my invite code.

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