Monster Cupcake first try

I am devouring these cupcakes. Unfortunately, until I added the Monster frosting filling, there was almost no Monster flavor. I used the Monster in place of the cold water in a basic white cake recipe. Then, I brushed more Monster on top of the cupcake when it was finished baking to infuse in. That had no change. There was a strong flavor in the batter, which I absolutely loved the bite of, but it died out when it was baked. So, my next plan is to make a simple syrup of the Monster drink and use that in place of some of the sugar. Of course, you need sugar to get the egg whites going. We’ll see how that goes. 

The Khaos frosting is perfect. I made a simple decorating icing, adding orange extract (instead of vanilla, almond or peppermint) and using the Khaos as the water. Talk about a punch. It is even better after it has set a bit. I ended up tinting the icing orange, especially since it ended up not even being a pure white from the Khaos itself. But, I am going to have a friend of mine try it and see what he thinks. 

I also discovered that my new pan takes longer than my old pan in making cupcakes. This is not a good thing for me. I want to be able to cool and frost all of the cupcakes at the same time. I guess this means that I need to go out garage saling. Also, then, need to buy another new one, since I did like how much wider the cupcakes were. Always check for ALL of your ingredients when going shopping for them. Check expiration dates for items. I normally do, but I forgot to this time on the baking powder. We have three cans in there that were never opened. All of them were expired, I discovered after getting the ingredients together to start baking. As an explanation, we always have to buy a can of baking powder every year because we think someone is going to do a 4-H project with that as an ingredient which never gets made. Or else the child makes it at someone else’s house. This year is going to be different. I am going through all of them and going to toss them all out and just buy fresh. I’m baking and decorating.

Have you ever done any baking problems and how did you fix it? What kinds of stuff do you like to bake or cook?

So, I also made a tarragon, chive, and parsley pesto last night. That came out great. I put it on my parsnip fries and the family’s city chicken. I was informed to make it again. Well, they thought that the fries were too sweet, but that was the exception. I had to cut the parsley and tarragon anyway because of how tall it was getting and it was getting ready to flower. So, that was the first harvest this year of herbs. It was a bumper crop of stuff. I have a package of tarragon and one of parsley that I am giving to someone, don’t know who yet, for free to use. I still have four parsleys and three tarragons drying and one of each in the crisper for usage. Yeah, lots of herbs. The chives we cut down also. There’s another section of chives that need to be cut and have more blossoms. But, along with the herbs, I added the zest and juice of two key limes, two handfuls of corn nuts, and some extra virgin olive oil. Blend those in the food processor until fully incorporated, and yummy pesto for us. I will keep this recipe to use again.

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