Julep June Maven Box It Girl Review

Yay. So, as soon as I got home, I got my June Julep box. I am very excited to have gotten this. Every month, Julep sends out boxes based on the sign-up quiz that you take to determine your best box choice. You also get the option every month to view the rest of the boxes and choose which one you want. I have yet to find one of the other boxes to have more colors that I would be willing to wear regularly than the It Girl box. Also, you can add on up to three items in your box. This month, I chose three add-ons, which gave me a free surprise item. This month, I turned in my points for getting the boxes and received a free box. The collection that they are doing this month is the Three Wishes collection.

First off, the added treat that I got was pixy sticks. Oooh, yummy yummy sugar. Two orange ones and a grape (purple) one. Yeah, I love my pixy sticks. They could send them in my box every month and I would be content. Normally, I don’t even think about the treat, but this was fun.

The three colors that I received this month were Savoy, Jennine, and Phia.

Honestly, I got this box solely for Phia. It was the one color that I wanted from the entire collection. It is a sparkly orchid purple. It goes on pretty sheer, so it will take a few layers to get the more opacity that shows in the entire bottle. But, sheer and opaque has me drooling on the look of it. It honestly looks from a soft orchid to a dove gray, depending on the light, when it goes on my nails. Perfect morpher.

Jennine is a surprise joy for me. I thought I had enough blues, especially sparkly blues, in my collection, but this one just is pretty. This is another of the stardust finish colors and it is worth the owning. It makes me think more of the darker ocean waters sparkling than a space color. I finally have a polish that could be perfect when I wear my dark aquatics.

Savoy is the last of the bunch. This is a golden color. It reminds me very much of another color I have that is a satin finish. It doesn’t dry as matte as that one, though. So, I can enjoy it. Maybe do an accent of one when using the other as the main polish.

Now, my add-ons. I got the Oxygen smoothing base coat. I always need base coats, so when I was able to add this on, I did. I do want the top coat, though, to put on my nails. This is supposed to help build strength in the nails. It ends up a nice tint white, so I don’t really have to add color if I don’t feel like it, but still want to have something on my nails. I also got a mystery color. It ended up being Mae. This is the satin finish that I don’t have, but have wanted. It is a light orchid. Also, I got the Plie Wand creativity kit. It comes with a dotting tool and a striping brush. I wanted another one of each of them, and got the rest of the Plie kit last month in my May box. So, now I can say that I got all of it.

For getting three add-ons, I got a surprise gift. It was the two pack polish of Veronica and Marjorie. Veronica is a Classic with a Twist color. It is a simple mauve that I actually can see myself wearing from time to time. Probably would use it more as an accent on a design more than a solid color. Marjorie is an It Girl color. This is such a bright orange. I think it will get more usage from Mayhem or Murder than it will me. Murder is the one who likes the bold colors the most.

So, have you considered getting a Julep box? You can get your first box for $4.99 using the code “FREEBOX”. If you have one, which box did you get? Did you like your selections?

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