Has anyone done this before?

Ok, here’s a different post. I’m typing completely off the cuff because my mind just is off kilter. I have had every person who I told about my idea of making Monster cupcakes, minus my boss and father who don’t like Monsters, that they either want the recipe when I figure it out or else have to try it themselves. But, the plan is to make a Monster cupcake with a Khaos frosting. Though maybe it would work better to do the Khaos cupcake and the Monster in the frosting. I can’t do it yet because I thought there was butter in the house and there wasn’t. So, I didn’t get the butter last night or the Khaos, but that was because there wasn’t any in the store. If I can get it to work, I’m also considering making a chocolate cupcake with a Monster Java filling and a Mocha frosting. That would be fun. I personally don’t like the Monster drinks as much anymore due to the flavor, but I have enough people in my life who do that I would be very happy willing to make these for them when they show up. I also want to bake so many other things, it isn’t funny. Not just for decorating with them, but to consume with others and know how to make it and it taste yummy. 

I counted and have 62 entries I want ot make for the fair. I know it is in the end of the summer basically, but I can’t believe that I am planning on so much. One third, though, are veggies that are growing right now. Yes, we have tomatoes (grape, cherry, pink, yellow, paste, traditional, and heirloom), sweet peppers, hot peppers (my Hungarian wax is already flowered and I am so ready to see a pretty pepper show up), zucchini (too much, if you ask me on that one), lettuces, radishes, carrots, cucumbers, squashes, honeydew melons!, beets, swiss chard, and other stuff that I just can’t recall at the moment. We’re adding corn this week too. I still need to do my flowers for the pots, but otherwise everything is planted. C’mon Moonflower seeds, show up from where you are hiding. 

Well, that’s it for the moment. More later.

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