Louisiana is muggy

I am typing this in the hotel room while Chickie gets some rest. We already are halfway through the first leg of the trip. The second half will be done tonight. This is fun and very important to me emotionally to relax. Hopefully, today will end up at least as well as yesterday. 

So, we drove through Texas with only one almost mess up. That I am putting down to Chickie possibly going on autopilot. We had to get on one exit and almost went on a different highway. But, it was fixed before we did. Yay. Her tomtom decided to stop working when I got into the car. It must have known my disdain of it. Maybe it got the info from my ex’s tomtom and just decided to shut down. Her car must remember me because it is doing fine and I keep telling it that I’ve missed it.she said that her AC has been making funny smells, but I haven’t noticed it this trip and we’ve had to use it for the mugginess we’ve encountered since being in Louisiana. Even with it raining, it was muggy in the car.

She lets me put my arm up when she’s driving. She let me yell out the window at cool mustangs. So, if you heard someone yelling “Nice” to you in Texas, that was me and I was complimenting your car. I like Mustangs and Corvettes. An I Roc-Z would make me cry because of the memories of sleeping in one and the rides with music were nice. I haven’t seen one since we left Texas though. Maybe more today.

I want to do a better trip to Louisiana someday. I’ve wanted to go to some spots here since high school and we drove past them yesterday. I finally can say that I have seen a swamp and a bayou. It was funny to me that I was mentally saying many of the names of places and such in my high school french accent. But, I want to go to Evangeline to see the statue. Just putting this down as a written point.

What is Boudin and Cracklin’s? Yes, I am a Northern girl. I have seen so many signs for i, but we haven’t stopped to find out yet. Another thing that had me laughing were all the billboards for casinos. I’m sure it is normal, but a casino next to gas stations. That is something that had me shaking my head. I guess it makes money that way. Maybe we should do that up north. 

I am curious how a subway with a drivethru works, but we won’t stop there. Maybe some other trip. Bayous, or is it bayoux, are pretty. We both have decided that. I wish I could live near one, or else a swamp. I don’t mind the idea of wild animals nearby.

What would be your ideal road trip? Where would you dream of living at? Well, we’re off for breakfast and part two of the trip. Take care.

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