Birchbox for May 2014

I got back to this box after a hiatus from life. I do appreciate getting items to try whenever possible. It has allowed me to try new companies and items than I would have if I had to buy full sized items of everything. It also lets me make really different and more personalized presents for family on items I know that would be wasted otherwise. Birchbox offers points that expire after a year to use towards items in their shop. These can be earned by referring friends, buying a box subscription or other items, and reviewing products in the box you receive. This month boxes came out late, so I received points in my account. Normally, boxes come out on the 10th of the month, but this month I received mine on the 14th. I am still impressed by how quickly it got to me.

This month, I had a yellow outer box. It is a bright yellow that the mail lady (I know this because I’d graduated with her son) had a hard time fitting into our mailbox. While the rest of the mail was in the back quite nicely, this was diagonal at the front close to crammed in. In her defense, we have only a standard mailbox. Plus, it wasn’t bent or crunched, so she did a good job getting it in.

Inside is the traditional brown, branded box. These boxes are a perfect fit for me to carry my makeup when I’m travelling. I feel more secure with them being in boxes than a makeup bag for the same reason I am with a solid suitcase for checked luggage. I also use them for small presents for the males in my family to make them concerned about what they are getting. Golf balls fit nicely in them, along with fishing flies.

This month, the inside of the box had such a cool print, it needed to be mentioned. It was a black and white herringbone print that was very bold. I will keep this box for me for product photo shoots.

I received five items in my box to review for points this month. Along with that, I also received a coupon for Kate Spade Saturday. This was an item that everyone received, which is cool. The other item is something I really was excited on finding. As per the baggy post, I buy sunscreen all the time. The other item was a coupon for Supergoop. This is perfect for both Murder and me. She plays softball over the summer, so she always needs it added. One application can last a game.

Here is what I received to review in my box:

Noya lip gloss in Summertime Peach- this color is way too close to my skin tone, so it is a fail that way. I love Noya, so I will be willing to part with money for a full size of one of the other three colors in the collection.

Supergoop SPF30- this is the sample I mentioned in the baggy entry. I am looking forward to using it on the road trip.

Shea butter- the joys of doing this on my family’s iPad is that I can’t just look at the item to give the brand name. I will when I get home. But, this stuff is nice and thick. Beyond that, I’m not overly impressed. I may have to try it on Mayhem to see if it keeps her skin soft. My skin is just too dry.

Kerastase cleanse shampoo- this stuff is specifically designed for long hair. It is a foil packet, which makes me sad because I have almost nowhere to put it if I can get a second use from it. But, maybe this will work with my thick hair. Something to keep in mind as it keeps getting longer again.

Kerastase cleanse conditioner- I will see how I like this conditioner. Currently, I use Garnier’s Pure Clean conditioner for my hair. It works to clean it, but it feels a little heavy still in my hair.

So, do you receive Birchbox? What did you get? Would you want to get a Birchbox?

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