Such a Sweet Surrender

So, this is the start of the newest blog. I’ve, once again, lost all information on any last blog I’ve had. But, this is going to be more of a starter entry. So, a lot of basic details that are probably more needed in the about me section that I should set up. But, not for now. So, on with the show.

I’m Heather. I am a single mom of three kids. I will brag about them on this site. But, I will only refer to them as Mischief, Mayhem, and Murder. This is because it was the first group nickname that they received and it still can become highly appropriate. But, I still love them dearly and will bend over backwards to make them happy.

I’m Heather. I am in love with nail polish. I am trying to be good and buy from a couple brands of polish. My favorite colors to wear are black, green, light pink, and sparkly. Yes, sparkly is a color. Don’t argue, just trust me. I have been in love with nail polish since I was in middle school. With my family, if all else fails, they buy me nail stuff for presents. That or glass Christmas ornaments.

I’m Heather. I am picky about what perfume I wear. I only wear natural perfume oils. All commercial sprays smell alcoholic to me. They smelled that way before I found the oils, so this isn’t me being picky. I can not wear jasmine perfume, which makes me sad. I also can not wear violet perfumes. Guess what perfumes I was wanting to wear the most in commercial? That didn’t help matters.

I’m Heather. (Are we catching the repetition?) I have subscription boxes. I have gotten rid of some, but others are still around. I have Birchbox, Julep, Splendies, and Graze. I used to have Beauty Box 5, Beauty Army, Wantable, Coffee Crate, Ipsy, and Bike Loot. I got rid of those for certain reasons that were personal and will be later in this post. They were NOT because I didn’t like them. I’m waiting to get back on Ipsy and am seriously considering adding Square Hue. My coworkers call me the queen of samples. My Graze is a weekly one that I will also discuss how each item tastes, if it is the first time I have posted about it. I’ll also put a post in on all four items I get in the box. I will also put in pictures of the boxes.

I’m Heather. I work in the bakery department. I am taking Wilton classes to do cake decorating. I am currently in the first one. There WILL be decorated cakes and cupcakes pictures. I will also put in other food items I make and how I did it. I don’t think fashion is just about clothes and beauty, but also what we eat, drink, and do.

I’m Heather. I have a gardening addiction. I will talk about and hopefully have pictures of my gardens. This year is all about seeds, flowers, herbs, and vegetables. I love decorating the outdoors. Mayhem and Murder will also be in these pictures because they are taking projects for 4-H. But, Murder also loves being outdoors, so she’s my main helper with the gardens. I do both container and ground gardening.

I’m Heather. I want to travel. I have travelled a bit and look forward to doing more travelling as I get older again. I have a passport as my main ID. I will never give that up. You will see travel posts, along with tips about travel situations or possible inexpensive ways for things. These are either things I have learned or I have heard about from others. I will let you know on all of that. You will also hear about any dramas I incur from travelling.

I’m Heather. I have Major Depression. I will discuss problems I have some days because I am me. I am currently on medicine. I may disappear from time to time. This is why I dropped some of my subscription boxes. I am still learning about me. I hope you will too. 

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